YSL makeup with the amazing makeup artist Fred Letailleur

Chic Journal Petra reviews YSL makeup

Just recently I have met with the most amazing make up artist, thanks to Harrods store. YSL makeup counter had a special host for a day. Fred Letailleur is the magician in the make up world, responsible for the brand’s campaigns and countless celebrities make up. He works in beauty industry over 25 years, out of which 11 years for Armani and 7 year for YSL. He flew from Paris to do makeup for mortals like me and let me tell you this. My makeup never looked better! Also, I have learned a lot and in the end went a little over the top with the products.

Most of the things Fred used on my face ended up with me. I can’t even remember if I ever bought so many beauty products at one go, but the results were speaking for themselves. So without a further do, lets start with what tricks Fred showed me and what products I used and bought. Few products were not on stock (like the foundation) and some I already had at home (like Touche Eclat pen)

YSL beauty products

Petra from Chic Journal reviews YSL makeup products

Skin preparation

First of all, the makeup removal. Fred used the Illuminating Cleanser and it was so pleasant I had to get it for myself. I got the moisturiser – interestingly not specific to any age. My skin has a classic T-zone that gets a bit oily but the rest can be a bit dry. My whole life I was applying my moisturiser with fingers, however Fred explained to me that the best way is to use a brush (same type as for the foundation). That way, the skin needs to work harder to absorb the moisturiser and you end up with nice soft, healthy looking face. We also used the eye gel to smooth the delicate eye area, reduce the creasing of the eye lid and to help reducing dark circles.

Illuminating cleanser YSL makeup
YSL Illuminating cleanser
YSL Forever Youth Liberation
YSL Forever Youth Liberation – Anti wrinkle
Petra from Chic Journal uses YSL Eye Perfecting Fluid
YSL Eye Perfecting Fluid

YSL makeup

Then he applied foundation (No B20 – I couldn’t buy it at that time as it was out of stock). Again, totally different technique than I am used to. He mixed together the primer, highlighter and foundation and the mixture applied to my face. Less than two minutes. I never ever applied the highlighter for the whole face before, as I was always scared it will makes me very shiny. But the result was amazing. Just a glowing skin. This is definitely the best highlighter I have. The concealer just helped to perfect the overall look.


Chic Journal blogger Petra uses YSL Touche Eclat Glow Shot
YSL Touche Eclat Glow Shot
YSL makeup All Hours Concealer
YSL All Hours Concealer


Contouring with YSL makeup

Contouring came next. I don’t know about you, but I have watched countless of YouTube videos how to do contouring well and I still can’t do it. But now finally someone explained me super simple technique. Combine dark and light colour and with round motion apply just bellow the cheekbones (start from the middle of the ear area with the direction to the lips). Than use just the light colour to smooth out the edges. Bronzer comes right after. Start again at ear area but go with the direction to the nose. Don’t forget to apply a bit of a bronze as well next to your eyes. The result? Subtle glow like if I just came back from holidays.


YSL makeup product Couture Contouring No 1
YSL Couture Contouring No 1
YSL Bronzing Stones No 01
YSL Bronzing Stones No 01


Eye makeup with YSL products

Finally the eyes. As I wanted to have different colour eyes than my usual brown-ish one so we used purple eye shadows palette with purple mascara. I must say I am fully in love with the colourful mascara. Fred also used gel for my brows and black pencil for my eyes inner lines. As I got some purple eye shadows at home, I got different colour to create very natural day look.

YSL Purple Mascara
YSL Purple Mascara
YSL beauty Couture Palette No 14
YSL Couture Palette 5 colours No 14


YSL Makeup Products
YSL Makeup Products

Petra Brisby from Chic Journal with YSL Make up artist Fred Letailleur

So far I was always using just few bits and pieces (Touche Eclat obvs) from YSL makeup products, however I love it so much I think I am fully converted to Saint Laurent beauty products and would recommend them to anyone.







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