My experience of flying Virgin Atlantic upper class

My experience of flying Virgin Atlantic upper class

Virgin Atlantic upper class

Two weeks ago my husband and I went for holidays to Antigua. It was our first time in Caribbean and we loved it. The beaches were stunning and people lovely. As we were guests of our friends who have a house there, I will not be posting any article about the hotels or food on the island. What i want to share with you, however is my experience of flying Virgin Atlantic upper class. An airline we took to get there.

The staff

The staff of Virgin Atlantic is so well trained. Not only they deal really well with the common issues with smile on their face, but they go the extra mile to always make sure you are having the best possible treatment. From the moment we arrived to the airport to the moment we arrived back to UK, the experience was very pleasant. The check in lady was super helpful, the stewardesses in the plane were amazing and everyone was over the top polite.



The food

The food was really good. Starting in the lounge at Gatwick Airport, I really liked that I can order from a la cart. No buffet whatsoever available. The result is fresh breakfast on your demand. I got poached egg with ham on the muffin. Basically Eggs Benedict without the hollandaise sauce (which I hate). My husband thought it looks very poor, but that is exactly what I ordered and I loved it.

In the plane we both (my husband and I) got smoked salmon with caviar as a starter and tomato and mozzarella gnocchi. The gnocchi were literally melting in the mouth. As a pudding I got the sticky toffee pudding and it was definitely right choice. It was really good. The only thing that I would expect a bit better were the glasses for wine. Exactly the same as for water. But hey, who cares, right?


I love there is bar where you can sit and have drink. Or the fact that you get pyjama for the night flight. There are lots of details that make sure you are as comfortable as possible. The downside? The seats were in rows without a possibility to “push down” the wall between the seats to make a conversation with my husband. There was a family with two small children and I felt a bit sorry for the children that they had to sit completely separated from their parents.  However apart of that, it really is an airline that I would choose again over other airlines.







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