How to wear Bermuda shorts and why you should get a pair now

How to wear Bermuda shorts and why you should get a pair now

Did you know that Bermuda shorts were invented by British army, so they can wear them n tropical climate? Very similar story to trench coats, I wrote about here. Bermuda shorts are with us already for over 100 years. However when it comes to fashion, they were not always in the spotlight. They come and go as they please. Well the good news is, this summer they are again fully “IN”.

I recently bought a pair and realised I have another two at home already. What a discovery! I was playing “dress up” the other day and had so much fun. Do you already have a pair at home? If not, this is why you should get them pronto.

Why to buy Bermuda shorts

  1. They are classic piece of wardrobe. They always come and go but generally the cuts and overall designs stay the same. When you buy a pair now, few year from now they will still be looking current.
  2. Bermuda shorts are very comfortable. The have all the advantages of trousers without being really hot in the summer.
  3. Comparing to very short shorts, that barely cover your bum, Bermuda shorts make you look decent – always. Even in a strong wind, comparing to a dress.
  4. They are easy to wear and ideal both during day and night. Sneakers or flip flops during the day and high heels in the evening.


I like wearing them either with my Castaner espadrilles wedges or other heels and prefer slightly more casual look. All three looks I created here are more on the casual front and are great for the day in the city.

Look No. 1

Perfect look for the casual Friday in the office or just strolling in the city. The blue Bermuda shorts with stripy shirt and yellow round bag are all from Zara. I teamed it with the same Castaner wedges I wore here.

Shorts: Zara, Shirt: Zara, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Castaner, Bag: Zara


Look No. 2

I love these mustard shorts in combination with black. Great look for holidays or really hot day. This Bermuda shorts are from Zara as well but bought them few years back. I am happy I can wear them again. My favourite combination is with Castaner espadrilles wedges and black Club Monaco top.

Shorts: Zara, Top: Club Monaco, Bag: Zara, Belt: Claudie Pierlot, Jacket: Gerard Darel, Shoes: Castaner

Look No. 3

My last look is more sophisticated with black Bermuda shorts by Emporio Armani and Valentino white shirt. I love the combination with the red Nico Gianni round bag and silver heels. The denim jacket dresses the look down, but that can be replaced easily with a blazer.

Shorts: Emporio Armani, Shirt: Valentino, Jacket: Miss Selfridges, Bag: Nico Giani, Shoes: Alexander White


And what about you, do you wear Bermuda shorts? What is your favourite combination?

Have a chic day

Petra xx




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