How to wear Castaner espadrilles wedges

How to wear Castaner espadrilles wedges

If you are a woman who loves heels, I am sure you are also the suffering occasionally on the summer. Feet in heels in a hot summer day is a recipe for some serious swelling. In the heat, if you want to wear heels without suffering, you basically have to wear either very low heel or wedges. But not all wedges are the same. Some can be too high and uncomfortable. But some can be your saviours for the whole summer. I absolutely love wearing Castaner espadrilles wedges. They always look super stylish and even though they can be quite high, they are very soft and gentle to your vulnerable foot.

You can get all sorts of designs from Castaner, even without heel, like these and these. I love the classical design Castaner espadrille wedges. They give you those extra centimetres to your legs without the suffering bit. Also, even though they are not leather, they stretch and are very comfortable.

But my favourite are these lace ones. They are quite high, so I really can’t run in them, but I can definitely do a decent walk.  I love the lace front and also they fit with most of the summer clothes. You can easily wear them with jeans or summer dress. 


The black ones are great for everyday life. They are like any basic black shoes. You just need them in your wardrobe. These black Castaner espadrilles wedges look amazing both dressed up and down and are very low maintenance. 


My last pair is blush pink. I couldn’t help it. Blush pink in summer is one of my favourite colours. They look very feminine and elegant. Occasionally I wear them with trousers or jeans, but I much more prefer them with dresses. They just give your summer dress this girly touch, don’t you think? 


And what are your favourite summer shoes? Do you also like espadrille wedges?


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