White jeans are not anymore designed to be worn only in the summer

White jeans are not anymore designed to be worn only in the summer

White jeans (off white or light grey) looks great all year round. You don’t need to wait for the summer to wear them. Generally all the neutral light or pastel colours look great in the winter. Particularly on the snow. I love the way it creates the symbiosis with the surroundings. It is almost like you are part of the nature. So when I am on the snow and don’t ski, I love to wear these colours.

Just recently I bought these amazing Paige white jeans. It is a brand from sunny California and they fit like a glove. I was looking for the white pair of jeans for quite some time. I don’t know about you, but buying jeans is not my favourite activity. Especially recent years, it feels like the companies are using very thin and overly stretchy denim, that can flatter only the model figure. It can be frustrating. And I am always super cautious about any kind of fit. I love trends, but they need to flatter. If they don’t, then bad luck. Anyway these jeans have the perfect combination of the denim thickness and the stretch. I was so happy to find these that I now have the urge to buy exactly the same in every colour they have available.

With those jeans I wore 360 Cashmere blush pink sweater. It is possibly the softest sweater I ever wore. It is like a feather. I love the colour as well and the combination with the white jeans. It looks super clean. As there was a snow storm I put on my silver Moon boots. First, I was slightly reluctant to buy those. I thought they wouldn’t be practical, they will get dirty and so on. But I was wrong. It was almost like walking with your duvet around your feet. Cosy, warm, soft and as a bonus not slippery at all!

The fur hat I bought few weeks ago when I went to Prague to visit my family and friends. It can be worn both as a hat or as a collar as well.The coat I was wearing I bought few years back in Paris. I love the way the belt goes inside at the back and outside at the front. I love the light colour as well. However, I only wear this one when we are in the mountains. Maybe that is why it is still in a great shape.

The bag. I couldn’t go for holidays without my Chanel bag. It is just that you never know when you will need a bag like this. And you always “need” it. As the whole day was in the spirit of neutral colours, this was the perfect occasion to wear the Chanel boy. The falling snow was easily slipping from the patent surface so it felt also that the bag will not be damaged. So this was my perfect combination for a snowy day. Even though that it was snowing so hard I felt a little like a snowman, I also felt like cosy and warm.




And what is your favourite outfit when you are in the mountains? Let me know.


have a fabulous day






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