What to wear for Valentine’s day dinner

What to wear to Valentine's day dinner

Where do you stand when it comes to Valentine’s day? Are you a person who loves the tradition and symbolism of the day? Or are you more of a person who just thinks it is all silly and love should be celebrated every day, not just one day a year? I must admit, I am someone who loves all about it. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe love should be celebrated every day. I think people should make an effort in their relationship every day, or at least as much as their busy schedules allow them. But don’t you think, that there is something rather special about having the whole day dedicated to love? So if you are planning to celebrate, here are few ideas what to wear for Valentine’s day dinner for two.

Classy Valentine’s day dress

For me, on occasions like this, dresses win every time. They are feminine, elegant and you can even add a bit of sexiness if you want to. Depend on where you are planning to go, you can choose long dress, short dress, midi dress, basically anything goes. But remember, this is a day to celebrate love and you want all attention to you and not to your dress.

Red dresses on Valentine’s day? It sounds like the biggest cliche, but if it is not broken, why fix it? Here are my 4 favourite red dresses for Valentine’s day dinner. They are all elegant, classy and a bit sexy, but they are not “in your face”. You are the one who will be the star, not the dress. Which one of your favourite? I like all for different reasons. The first one is classic pencil dress, knee length, elegant and if you would put on a blazer, you can wear it to the office and go straight to dinner. The second is very sexy, but not revealing which looks way more feminine. The third one? I like the combination of the long dress, turtleneck, long sleeves and a slit. The last one is probably me favourite as I love the sophistication of the cut, long sleeves and the slit. The fabric is amazing too. You can wear it with or without the belt, like it is shown on the picture.

What to wear for Valentine's day dinner, red dresses

1. Nookie 2. Norma Kamali 3. Capulet 4. Ronny Kobo


If you don’t like classic red dress for Valentine’s day, you can wear any other dress. The point is, you should look amazing but comfortable. So here are my 4 top picks for other then red dresses. The first one I find very cute and young. The second one – well you can hardly go wrong with a classic LBD, right? The purple dress is my favourite. I love the rich colour, the cut, everything about it. I also love the last one, classic slip dress in satin. You need to be careful though with satin as if it does not fit like a glove, better wear something else.

Best Valentine's day dresses

1. NBD, 2. Cupcakes and Cashmere 3. Michelle Mason 4. Bec&Bridge

What to wear for Valentine’d day dinner if you don’t like wearing dresses?

If you are one of those women who doesn’t like to wear dresses, you have plenty of other options. Jumpsuits, for example, can look elegant, sophisticated and sexy as well. Or you can wear pants with top. I find that one very tricky for Valentine’s day as I tend to think, it is a day for dressing up a bit more, don’t you think? You can wear trousers and top every day, but maybe there are not many opportunities to wear elegant dress? Anyway, I found amazing jumpsuits, if you really don’t like the dress idea. The two black ones are very classic, elegant and sophisticated and you can basically wear them for any occasion. The second and fourth I love for their colour. In the sea of black, which everyone wears in winter, lighter colours lights you up beautifully.best Jumpsuits for evening

1. Likely 2. Alexis 3. Jay Godfrey 4. NBD

So what would be your pick? What do YOU like to wear on Valentine’s day dinner?


Have a chic day




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