Summer holidays walk and talk

Summer holidays walk and talk


Hello again. When we are on summer holidays we don’t do much to be honest. The whole year is just so busy. There are so many things we need to do all the time, and there is not much time to relax. Also I am terrible at relaxing. Even when I have a spare hour that can be used as “me” time, I usually find other things to before relaxing. So when we go on summer holidays I have finally the time to slow down. Usually it is only because we usually choose holidays where there is no pressure to be active.

For some of you it might sound boring. You might prefer to go exploring the world, which is great. But for me holidays are the time when I don’t need to do much. I am very happy being by the pool or the beach. Enjoying the great weather, eating amazing food and have a glass of an amazing wine on the terrace is my idea of relaxing. Ideally with an indefinite view of the sea as a bonus. An occasional walk is always nice, but don’t ask me to hike anywhere. 

Well today we started to feel the need to stretch our legs a little bit so we are actually going out for a walk. The centre of the town seems to be an obvious option. It is quite a walk, so for me that means no heels whatsoever. I also wanted to be very comfortable with my clothes (so hot here) so I opted for the ripped jeans shorts and white tank top, flat sandals, Michael Kors sunglasses, absolutely necessary hat. As a bag i have chosen my python Tom Ford Jennifer bag. I adore this bag, you can wear it in the country or in the city and it pretty much fit with anything you put on. Clearly it is not an evening bag, but during the day it is just fabulous.





Picture31  Picture25


Bag: Tom Ford Jennifer bag in python (similar here)

Top / shorts: Superdry (you can get here)

Sunglasses: Micheal Kors (similar here)

Sandals: Mango

Photographer: Agata Jensen

Hope you are having lovely summer


Bag Vibes


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