The truth about turning 40.

The truth about turning 40.

Few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday. Turning 40 – there, I said it! Actually it was mine and my husbands as well. We were born the same year, two weeks apart. We celebrated even though our birthdays are not for few weeks. The reason is, we were obsessing about having the party in Claridges hotel in London. The ballroom was fully booked for February and March, so we were happy to take end of January. In the end of the day, January can be a very depressing month. Everyone is doing a dry month after boozy December and no one feels like spending money (apart for sales bargains, or course).

Anyway we wanted to celebrate in style and have a big party. Thank God we got a help from Albion parties who are the most amazing party planners in London (just saying..). For years to come we will have beautiful memories thanks to Charlie Burgio and his awesome photography.Turning 40 confession on Chic Journal

I was a bit stressed, I am not going to lie. I was about to celebrate the end of my 30’s and start a new decade with terrifying 4 at the beginning. Last few years, whenever my husband mentioned us approaching this number, I literally forbad him talking about it, as it sounded too depressing. Too old. But then, when organising this party and seeing the result I realised life is not bad at all. We re not twenty anymore, but when we were there is no chance we would have a party like this. And seeing all our friends having a blast it was all worth it. In the end of the day, it is better to celebrate your birthday and embrace your age that is creeping up than sit miserably in the corner and complain.

So if you are at the point of your life when you feel like “ OMG I am getting old”, whether you are approaching 30 or 40 or 50 or whatever number you find terrifying, this is my advice to you.

Why turning 40 is not so scary

  1. Life is great and different at every age. Every age has something new to offer and every time it is something super exciting. I am not anymore going to nightclubs, the closest to a nightclub are probably our frequent outings to Hakkassan. It is dark and loud as well but there is no wait in a queue for a drink 😊
  2. You can look great at every age. The only thing is that you need to take a good care of yourself. Eating well, sport and rigid body and face cosmetic routines are 3 things you will always say “I wish I started this earlier”.
  3. It is not important to look 20, even more, you can look a bit ridiculous or desperate trying to do that. However you can always aim to look your best for your age. And looking your best is very subjective.
  4. The older you get the more you understand yourself. You learn to listen to your body and mind and you will learn that don’t need to be perfect.
  5. The older you get, the more confident you might feel. At some point you will finally get over yourself and start to feel like you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Your friends will like you for who you are, and you will stop trying to please everyone.
  6. And you have a great reason to throw a great party 🙂 Turning 40 in Claridges hotel LondonSequins dress by Elisabetta Franchi for the 40's birthday partyThe truth about turning 40 and the dress by Elisabetta Franchi Claridges hotel ballroom for the Chic Journal blogger 40's birthday party Long sequins dress by Elisabetta Franchi for the Chi Journal's birthday party Petra Brisby in Claridges hotel London wearing Elisabetta Franchi sequins dressDominic Brisby with wife Petra Brisby celebrating their 40's birthday in Claridges hotel

Dress: Elisabetta Franchi, Clutch: Fendi, Earrings: Carat London, my husbands wears: Ede&Ravenscroft


I am turning 40 in two weeks and I am going to embrace it. I have an amazing husband, great children, awesome job (blogging), great friends and I had the most amazing dress to celebrate it (the dress code was black tie).

So here is to birthdays! Celebrate in style and embrace whatever the age you are!

Lots of love




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