The Original FX Mayr clinic. What really happens at the famous Austrian detox destination?

The Original FX Mayr clinic. What really happens at the famous Austrian detox destination?

There are many wellness, detox or health clinics all over the world. However, there is one that always pops up as one of the best. The Original FX Mayr Clinic in south Austria on the Lake Worthersee. Surrounded by the beautiful nature and mountains, this place is not as much relaxing for you as it is for your digestive system.

The Original FX Mayr cure principle

The whole cure is 21 days and the minimum stay is 7 days (you can stay longer if you wish) as that is the time your body needs to detox. Your journey starts however way before you arrive. Three weeks beforehand you can opt for 3 different health tests (can do all or none, up to you). You also receive an information what you should avoid. Sugar, alcohol, coffee and in the evenings also raw food.

Day by day review of The Original FX Mayr clinic in Austria by Chic Journal

The overall principle is quite straightforward. You won’t get any raw food, coffee, gluten, alcohol, sugar or any sort of food that either irritates the digestive system, like spices or is hard to digest, like onion or red meet. You will also have very limited amount of dairy and even that is only in the form of sheep’s products. Apart of that you get fair number of supplements and treatments plan for the whole week to help the detox process.Interior design of the detox clinic in Austria Interior design of the FX Mayr detox clinic in Austria

The cure is very individual and your doctor (that you see on daily basis) plan for you the amount and type of food you can eat each day. Therefore, I can’t tell you how it will be for you, in case you decide to give it a go. What I can tell you however, is my personal experience.

What really happens

Arriving to The Original FX Mayr clinic is like arriving to your well-deserved holiday break. You can feel the relaxing atmosphere already from the simple but stylish, provence-like design. My friend and I arrived in time for dinner, which is always (no exceptions, however long you stay) a clear vegetable broth (with freshly cut herbs if you are lucky). All the new arrivals have a house tour and receive their first day schedule. If you think you will just eat a tinny bit and the rest of day you will relax in your room, you are wrong. The schedule is so pack, at least first few days that you don’t have much spare time. The team is extremely helpful, supportive and always making sure you have an unforgettable stay. The Original FX Mayr clinic Austria. Hotel design

My doctor prescribed me 2 days fasting. That means first day around 200 kcal daily intake and the second day 400 kcal (fasting is considered below 500 kcal). From the third day I consumed 600 calories. I also got some supplements to take daily. I must say after the two first days it was more than enough. However here is my full day by day experience.Supplements for the detox at FX Mayr clinic in Austria Coconut oil at FX Mayr detox clinic Austria

The Original FX Mayr clinic day by day

Day 1 – I was quite horrified by the amount of food I got for the whole day. Millet porridge (no sheep’s yogurt for me due to lactose intolerance) with one bite of stewed apple. Clear bouillon mid-morning, vegetable soup with buckwheat roll for lunch and clear broth for dinner. By mid afternoon I felt like I want to have a snack (no chance of getting one). Or at least a coffee (no chance either). I felt a bit nervous, but at least my agenda was very full. I had probably around 20-30 min between all the treatments and therapists. The day was concluded by a group meditation.

Breakfast at FX Mayr clinic Austria. Review by Chic Journal

Day 2 – Same food as day 1 except I got extra vegetable spread. As you are eating the soup with espresso size spoon, it really takes you a while to finish your lunch. Silent eating is very much encouraged so that you can fully concentrate on your food and chew min 30 times (not soup of course lol). When you are sitting at the table with your friend, it is really weird not to talk. Every afternoon you can join for 1,5 hike in a beautiful Austrian countryside with your fellow detox residents.

Vegetable broth at FX Mayr clinic in Austria. Review by Chic Journal

Day 3 – I felt quite dizzy after the morning 30 min exercise and the doctor allowed me to finally have a main course for lunch. Not everyone is that lucky the third day though. My dear friend was still having just a soup. What is quite interesting is that I still don’t miss coffee or sweet treats like chocolate that I would have quite often after lunch.

Soups at The Original FX Mayr clinic in AustriaSea bream main course at detox clinic in Austria

Day 4 and 5 are quite uneventful except I am starting to get use to the whole silent eating and chewing 30 times. Funny enough I am eating much slower without even realising it.Food at FX Mayr clinic in AustriaLobster main course food portion at FX Mayr clinic in Austria

Day 6 – was my last full day. I can’t believe how fast it all went. I completely forgot to drink the mid-morning bouillon and was regretting it later. In the afternoon, like very day I went for a hike, this time 2 hours. It was hot and stuffy and after 30 min I was regretting not staying in the comfort of the hotel. I felt tired, out of breath and a bit weak. However, I got a great support from other hikers as  wasn’t the only one feeling like this. We kept encouraging each other with the motto of Sir Edmund Hillary: “We are not conquering the mountains, we are conquering ourselves”. In the end of the hike I felt very proud of myself and happy that I didn’t chicken out.Tea selection at detox clinic The Original FX Mayr Austria Tea selection at detox Mayr clinic in Austria

Day 7- Unfortunately, I have to leave and go home. My friend and I are a bit stressed. How we will manage the rest of the cure, which means another 14 days? My travel back home takes 12 hours (taxi, train, plane, taxi) but the The Original FX Mayr clinic team thinks of everything. I got perfectly prepared food for the whole day. That is extremely helpful especially when you get to Vienna airport the “Mozart kugeln” are staring at you from every counter. I managed my temptation by ordering a hot camomile tea and reading my favourite blogs.Food portions at FX Mayr clinic Austria

My thoughts and would I ever go back

On the way home, I was reflecting on my experience. If I would have to summarize it, it would go something like this. Imagine you are one week in a “bubble” world, in the middle of Austrian Alps by the lake with another 50 or so people you have never met. You are all talking very openly about your digestive system like it would be breaking news. People leisurely wander around the hotel, often the whole day in their bathrobes or enjoying several quiet relaxing zones with cup of tea and a book. You don’t see quick movements or hear loud voices. The whole atmosphere is gently making you to completely disconnect, relax and focus on your cure.

Strangers from all over the world suddenly creates a friendly group with a sense of belonging. Everyone is helping each other and supporting each other on their struggles with the cure. I met some wonderful people I hope I will see again. During the cure, you have your ups and downs. Some days you are feeling tired and dizzy to the level you can’t bare the idea of getting out of your room. Other days you are feeling really fresh and motivated and you believe, that if you can do FX Mayr clinic cure, you can do anything.Day by day at FX Mayr clinic in Austria by Chic Journal

In the end of the stay, few of us were even joking that it is like being in a rehab. You are more than often talking about your food intolerance, your treatments or how you are planning to follow this all up. But the topic number 1 is always about your favourite food. It is like bunch of alcoholics talking about their desire to have a glass of wine, we were talking about having a croissant.

The Original FX Mayr clinic Austria view


FX Mayr clinic is definitely a special place and I can’t wait for the next time. I believe that to travel somewhere to dedicate 1 week to your health is not much to ask. Not only do I feel amazing, but my skin has a healthy glow, my stomach feels rested and I lost 2 kg. However, this is just a beginning of the cure.

Now that I am back at home, I need to make sure to continue the journey for 2 more weeks (remember 21 days in total) to complete the cure. The rules are still strict but easier to follow. I will share with you my experience with the cure follow up in the post that will come in 3 weeks’ time. You will know, how did I do, did I manage to stick to the rules and what happens next. So, stay tuned and make sure you don’t miss that.

Petra Brisby from Chic Journal at FX Mayr clinic in Austria

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Have you ever been to any sort of detox clinic? I would love to hear about your experience!






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