Chic summer capsule wardrobe for the city plus 12 outfits for inspiration

Summer capsule collection buys

1. White shorts 2. Chain bracelet 3. Tank top 4. Relaxed trousers 5. Cardigan 6. Flat sandals 7. Slip dress 8. Cami top 9. White blazer 10. Blue shorts 11. White mules 12. Floral dress

This summer might be a bit weird. The chances are, we will still have to continue with the social distancing and restaurants and bars will still be closed. Our life will continue to be more casual, at least when it comes to our wardrobes. However who wouldn’t like to look nice, right? I personally miss shopping. This random browsing in shops when you have no clue what you want, but you just enjoy the atmosphere and are able to connect to your visual part of self. Yes, I bought few things, over the past few weeks, but nothing ground breaking or fancy, well except these Paris Texas sandals, which I love. But I must admit, last few weeks the weather was so amazing, I got into the summer spirit quite easily. So for this occasion, I have put together very chic summer capsule wardrobe. Now as we won’t have that many beach holidays this year (Covid-19 and all…) it is more of city daily looks rather then holiday looks. Also as I live in UK, the summer temperatures are never certain so layers are included.


Summer capsule wardrobe for the city


White blazer

White blazer is a staple in any wardrobe. You can wear it all year round so it make sense to invest in a good quality one. If you can afford it, then by all means, get as many as you want. White blazer is and always will be important part of everyday dressing.





Relaxed trousers

As I live in UK, hot summer is never a sure thing, so jeans are a must. Relaxed jeans come in all sorts of shapes, from boyfriend style to balloon style and anything in between. This year, balloon style jeans are very much “IN” but be careful with those. They can easily add unwanted volume especially around the hip and bum area. Boyfriend jeans are very classic and you probably already have them in your wardrobe. They are, in my opinion, the most flattering style. Then there are also variations of “mum’s” jeans and straight leg with high waist jeans. Basically anything goes, as far as they are comfortable.


Bermuda short

Shorts are just super comfy, easy to wear and you can even dress them up with nice blazer or evening top and heels. During the day, just wear them with flats and simple cami or tank top.






Flat slides

As we are living more in the casual clothes nowadays, flat slides are a must this year. In my last post I was introducing the biggest sandals trends for this summer and flats are among them. With more time spending around your home, they are comfortable and stylish.


Floral dress

ok it wouldn’t be summer capsule wardrobe without a floral dress. You know that I am not much into flower dresses however I found few, which even I like. Flower dresses are ideal for all day long, including informal evenings and holidays. So you can’t go wrong. Just make sure you choose colours and design that will flatter your body shape and skin colour.





Camisole top

Cami tops are my favourites for the evenings. They look great with practically anything but my favourite combination is trousers, heels, blazer and nice jewellery. My favourite cami tops are byCami NYC.

Tank top

I like wearing tank tops in summer during the day as they feel more casual then cami tops. However if you get a really nice one like this one by Reiss, you will look amazing also in the evening. Just find the most versatile one if you don’t want to go overboard.




Chain necklace and bracelet

Chain jewellery is very much in this season and you can find them with all sorts of price range. So it really depends on how big you want to go. Also layering the the necklaces and bracelets look very nice. My favourite necklace which I just got is this one with matching bracelet.


Slip dress

Slip dress in midi length is a must this season. You can dress them up and down. Slip dresses look amazing during the day when you are just around your house, like now during the lock-down. Wear them with flat slides and a cardigan. In the evening you swap your flats for simple heels and white blazer. Add some jewellery and you are good to go (or still stay in the house). The key is simplicity and colour. If you want a day to night cami dress, lighter colours look better, then red or black.


Simple mules with heels


Cardigans a big this year, but frankly cardigans are ideal for summer nigh chill. You can wear them practically with everything. Slip dresses and camisole tops look best. In the summer I would choose of course lighter colour like this white one. White is also colour of the season, so white blazer and white cardigan would be a perfect choice and very easy to mix and match with other items.

Summer capsule wardrobe outfits inspiration

And with just few pieces you can create your own coherent summer capsule wardrobe with so many different outfits options. Just have a look at these below to get some inspiration and by clicking on each item, you can get these straight away (affiliate links).


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Have a chic summer





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