Save vs. spend: Maxi dresses round up

Save vs spend maxi dresses round up

One of my favourite things to wear in summer are maxi dresses. The comfort and the length are just something I am always looking for every year. There were times when maxi dresses were more of an occasion thing or beach attire. I love that nowadays you can wear them all season long and day to night. To make things easier for you, I have created here a save vs. spend maxi dresses round up based on their price range. SO you can directly go to the budget bracket you feel comfortable with. So will you save or spend?


Save: Maxi dresses below £200

What I love about these dresses is that you can wear them in the city or on your holidays. They will look great with flat sandals as well as heels or, my personal summer favourite, Castaner espadrilles. Also some of them are already on summer sale, so you get now get a real bargain, like this one or this Max Mara piece  and there are even some maxi dresses below £100.


Spend a bit more: Maxi dresses between £200 and £500

If you want to treat yourself, here is a selection of my favourite mid price maxi dresses, all between £200 and £500. I have selected these dresses because they will last you for few more seasons and you will also turn heads when wearing them in the evening. Some of them you can even easily wear for summer wedding (not sure if there will be many due Covid-19 this year, though), like this one or this one. In the evening you can style them with gorgeous heels gold jewellery. You can also find in this section the maxi dress I am wearing on the feature picture.


Splurge: Maxi dresses over £500

Now here is my selection of gorgeous maxi dresses over £500. They are simply stunning. I know it is a lot of money but these are truly exceptional pieces and sales are just around the corner.


Hope you found this save vs. spend maxi dresses useful and found your favourite piece?




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