6 simple rules on how to wear shorts in winter and look fabulous

6 simple rules on how to wear shorts in winter and look fabulous

Do you also love wearing shorts? Yes, silly question, I know, who wouldn’t. Shorts must be one of the most comfortable piece of clothing. Maybe alongside with a good t-shirt. Or ideally together. But summer is over, and we are back in trousers. Well, but don’t put your favourite pair in the attic just yet, as now I can show you how to wear shorts also in the winter. And here is a guide how to make sure you will still look classy and chic.

How to wear shorts in the winter

  • The length. Choose those shorts that are as far as possible from hot pants. The length should be ideally somewhere between 5cm and 15cm below your bottom. You can also opt for longer, up to your knees, but then it is more like bermudas. (but why not, they look good in winter). Anything shorter than that and you can look cheap.
  • The style. Even though in summer you might like to wear tight shorts, avoid these in winter. Rather go for wide legged, as it will look much better under the coat.
  • Fabric is very important. Choose heavier fabric, or at least heavier looking fabric. Ideal is tweed or wool. That means, leave your denim ones and silk ones in the wardrobe for next summer.
  • Go for a darker colour. Bright colours don’t look that good. Avoid orange, pink or yellow (unless it is mustard yellow)
  • Wear it with dark tights. These can be with or without pattern. Just make sure you will not clash the pattern on the tights with the one on the shorts (if they have one).
  • What to wear it with. High heels pumps (like these) or boots. Both under the knee and over the knee are fine. Choose a chunky sweater and a longer coat, if it is really cold, or nice preppy top, like this one and short jacket. You can also add nice scarf without pattern, so that you don’t have too much going on.



Now, that you know how to wear shorts in winter, just choose the right one for you. There are now loads of different options for shorts that are suitable for wearing in the winter. Just choose the ones you like below, and you can be the star of the casual Friday.

Bag: Chanel, Shorts: Club Monaco , Jacket: Sandro, Top: Michael Kors (similar here), Shoes: Gianvito Rossi (similar here and here), Brooch: Chanel (similar here) , Sunglasses: Prada (similar here), Earrings: Chanel (similar here)







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