Here are my 3 simple rules about how to wear ruffles

Here are my 3 simple rules about how to wear ruffles

Ruffles are huge this season

Ruffles are huge this season. Quite literally. Not only they are everywhere and on anything (quite like embellished clothes) but also, they are physically big. And I must say, they look great. First I thought “ I love it, but not for me”. In the end of the day I am not 20 anymore (shhh, don’t tell anyone lol). But one day I tried it and I was very pleasantly surprised how good it looks. I got the white shirt (on the pictures) straight away without even thinking about how to wear ruffles. I just loved them. Later I discovered that it actually fits with almost anything I have in my wardrobe. And now I just crave more. But what I also discovered that you really ought to be careful about the size and position of the ruffles. It can be a bit tricky to get it right, so I put together 3 rules to follow to help you.

3 rules about how to wear ruffles

  • Think about your size and height. If you are short, avoid large ruffles but if you are quite tall you can get away with them. Simply put, choose ruffles in proportion to your size.
  • Your neck. I know, weird one, right? But seriously, if you have shorter neck, try to avoid having ruffle close to that area.
  • Your shoulder in proportion with your hips. This is interesting one. If you have perfectly symmetrical figure, choose the ruffles that are places rather on the front of your clothes than on the sides to keep your proportions. But you can really play with it. I have for example quite wide shoulders, like swimmers have (except I really don’t like swimming lol). SO I really want to avoid any ruffles right on the shoulders. It just makes me even wider (and of course it get even more attention). I prefer to have them placed either on bellow the shoulders on the sleeves or more toward the front of the clothes to make the shoulders optically narrower.

These rules don’t only apply for the tops. You can now see a lot of trousers with ruffles as well. Apply the same principles of how to wear ruffles and you would be just fine.



Bag: Chanel flap bag, Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Isabel Marant, Belt: Claudie Pierlot, Sunglasses: Linda Farrow, Necklace and bracelet: from little shop in Madrid


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