Restaurant review: Two Michelin star, Les Amis restaurant in Singapore

Restaurant review Les Amis restaurant Singapore

French food is definitely one of the best in the world people say. I agree. My top 3 cuisines are French, Italian and Middle Eastern. Before I went to Singapore, people also told me that Singapore is the hub of all the best food in the world and the restaurants are unbeatable. And apparently Les Amis restaurant is one of the best restaurants there with 2 Michelin stars. In 2017 it actually was named in best 50 restaurants in the whole Asia. So I was curious.

Anyway to cut the story short, we went to Les Amis restaurant few times. And yes, it really was the best restaurant I have ever been to, or one of the best anyway. Maybe not in terms of interior design, which felt more like 70’s. Very plain and structural, but in terms of food and service for sure. Les Amis is located in the Orchard, busy shopping area of Singapore. That was about 10 minutes walk from our hotel we stayed in.

What to eat at Les Amis restaurant in Singapore

We chose our food from a la cart, rather then set menu (there are several different set menus). It consisted of three courses plus pudding and cheese. Mind you apart of that, you get some more extras so you really feel full in the end, but as you know from this article, we love our food, so we went for it.Les Amis restaurant Singapore Review of the French restaurant Les Amis

As an Amuse Bouche we received gorgeous slices of white mushroom, onion, bacon and truffle on a bed of incredibly thin filo pastry. The crispy pastry with soft truffles made perfect combination and out mouths started to water. The second Amuse Bouche was mouse from Japanese radish (one of only few ingredients that doesn’t come from France) with grated truffle and milk bread with truffle and golden leaf. That was not only delicious but also the you could appreciate the hugely collaborative dish. I couldn’t say no to bread, in the end we were in French restaurant.Food at Les Amis restaurant in Singapore Amuse Bouche at Les Amis restaurant in Singapore

As a starter I chose caviar (it was generous amount) with mini towers of wax potatoes. On the top of each potato tower (5 mm in diameter each) was sour cream, one crystal of sea salt and microscopic piece of smoked salmon, chive and caper. It wouldn’t surprise me, if the chef was placing each bit on the potatoes with tweezers. Caviar always goes well with potatoes and this creation was probably my favourite part of the meal. Perfect balance between the bland potatoes and saltiness of caviar and capers, salmon and salt.Best restaurant in Singapore Les Amis Best French restaurant in Singapore Les Amis

For the second course I chose truffle with lobster mousse and fish sauce. Before even starting it, they showed us the truffle box that comes to the restaurant every few days from France (like the rest of their ingrediences) and we were speechless when we saw the truffles of a size of a small orange. This dish had a really good balance of textures and again the creative complexity was astonishing. When we went second time ,I chose langoustine wrapped in courgette and with olive oil. It sounds very simple but the flavours were incredibly rich and the whole dish was absolutely divine. For the main course I chose simple venison with truffle and burgundy sauce. The meat was literally dissolving the mouth by itself and it was the ideal end of the savoury dishes.Truffle dish at Les Amis Singapore Best French restaurant in Asia Les Amis Singapore

Food review Les Amis restaurant in SIngapore

As you can see, were not really starving at this point, but we had to have a pudding. I generally love having puddings in good restaurants, so this time I chose their famous Corsican clementine in an candied peel. I say famous, because even Andy Hayler gave this pudding 20 out of 20, which he hardly ever does. So what it is? This pudding actually takes couple of days to prepare. The chef cuts the top of the clementine and scoops out its content to create just perfectly sweet mousse. The peel he then put into sugar syrup for few days. In the end he fills the candied peel with the mouse and pour over clementine sauce. the whole pudding has this incredible balance between sweetness of perfectly ripened fruit and the bitterness of the peel. It was a pudding like any other.Restaurant review Les Amis in Singapore top 50 asia restaurants Food at Les Amis restaurant Singapore Chocolate cake at Michelin star restaurant Les Amis SIngapore Clementine pudding at Les Amis restaurant in SIngaporeLes Amis Singapore restaurant review

However before even getting into that deliciousness, we got an extra pudding, which was chocolate cake from dark chocolate. It was full size extra pudding! I can’t also forget the cheese which we also tried and were all delicious. And as we were leaving, we also got a paper bag with an extra 2 pieces of plum cake.

Restaurant review Les Amis in SIngapore French restaurant with two Michelin stars

Clementine pudding at French restaurant Les Amis in Singapore

Would I go again?

If we would live in Singapore, we would go very often. It really is one of the best restaurants I have ever been too. The service was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and very accommodating. It is not the cheapest restaurant for sure. but you kind of feel like you are not being ripped off. You rather feel like you really get a lot for the price you pay (and you pay a lot). However from now on, whenever we will go to Singapore, Les Amis restaurant will be on our priority list for sure.


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  1. February 9, 2019 / 2:17 am

    Thank you for the wonderful view and your support! I am glad you enjoyed your meal at Les Amis. It was our pleasure serving you.

    • petra
      February 28, 2019 / 12:44 pm

      Thank you very much! I am happy you liked the review! My husband and I really loved it and can’t wait to go back soon!
      Best regards

  2. Les Amis Restaurant
    February 9, 2019 / 2:19 am

    Thank you for dining with us and for the lovely review. It was a pleasure serving you, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Les Amis again.

    • petra
      February 28, 2019 / 12:45 pm

      Thank you! It was spectacular every time!
      Best regards

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