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Another year, another Valentines day. Those of you who read my article on this topic last year know, that I love this special day. So I will not repeat myself. Instead I will show you my favourite bags for this year celebration. As theme seems to be presenting itself on a silver plate I couldn’t resist but go for the sexy red and softer pink colours. Normally I am not much into red accessories but this time I will make an exception. In the end of the day we are celebrating love, right?

So I have chosen these top 10 perfect handbags. They are so cute you will feel like a cupid just shot you with his handbag arrow.

First of all, this Bottega Veneta. Ok, whatever Bottega Veneta you will choose you will always love it, however I love the shape of this one. And have you notice the colour? Dark red like blood going through your veins (ok a little bit naturalistic association). But really, don’t you love the richness of the red?

Saint Laurent clutch is classic, but this one with a chain in sparkly red couldn’t be more perfect for the Valentines day celebration. What would you want more?

The next one is the new Valentino handbag. Valentino have recently introduced a fair number of embellished bags but this one stands out. I love the combination of red and pink and those tiny hearts? Aren’t they adorable?

J.W. Anderson is standing out this year with their ring design. This bag perfect for those who want to straight from the office to having a romantic dinner. The colour is perfect red (I call this Ferrari red) and it will make every “officy” outfit stand out.

I also found this Tomasini bucket bag. I thought it is so cute I had to include it. The suede makes it  softer than most of the bucket bags and the combination of the red and gold is classic. Perfect choice if you are more bohemian in your fashion choices. Furthermore these little mirrors are adorable.

Mansur Gavriel is famous for their simple yet recognisable design. In the new collection they are using also patent leather which makes the handbag more resilient towards damage. The colour is rich blush and the little bow makes this really cute piece.

Prada and its wallet on the chain. I love the fact that you can have it the whole day in your bigger bag and than use it as a clutch in the evening when you go for a dinner. You just leave your bigger day bag in the cloakroom. Problem solved.

Miu Miu. I realised that I don’t pay much attention to this great brand in my blog (definitely need to improve that). And it is a shame as I love this brand. Their designs are beautiful and perfect for the more preppy style (which I love). This one feature classic Miu Miu design with the new colour and the little checks make it a bit more special.

So, how could I resist a bag that say “LOVE” across the whole piece? And it is hot pink on the top of that. This number from Les Petits Joueurs shouts Valentine’s day! If you want to make a statement this one is your perfect choice.

Finally we have Valentino again. I couldn’t help myself but bring to your attention this beauty. Ok I know that rockstuds are old news, but don’t you love this perfect blush pink? It can’t go softer than that.

So will you celebrate your Valentines day with one of these handbags?


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