Prada launches elegant Bibliotèque bag

Prada Bibliotheque bag

For me Prada always has been and still is one of those brands that makes perfect handbags for the perfect business woman. Slick, elegant and sharp (like the woman herself), hard wearing materials and classic colours. If you go for a business meeting a perfect bag gives you more confidence.

A lot of people think that no one ever notices what bag you have. Furthermore, many women would rather buy a new suit or dress or shoes. Makes sense right? Well let me tell you this. Not only the dress and shoes make an impression. It is the bag that completes the story of who you are. I am a big believer that not only clothes make the man (well in this case the woman). Bags speak to us whether we want them to or not and we should never forget that.

So for this fall Prada launches another slick, elegant and sharp bag, that will beautifully complement the brand image. This new kid on the block is called Bibliotèque bag and it is inspired by ancient libraries. I love it! And the best part? It even has unique pleats that are so “in” right now incorporated in the design, on the sides to me more exact. Quite incredible, don’t you think?

Finally, it comes in the range of different colours and two sizes. The smaller size (just a little bit smaller) features two contrasting colours which help to emphasise the beauty of the pleated part. It is made from the combination of Saffiano and City Calf leather and has also the detachable shoulder strap so you can wear it as a shoulder bag as well.

SO if you want to update your working wardrobe, this bag should definitely be your top contestant. This new Bibliotèque bag will for sure add a little bit of elegance and sharpness to your (and my) wardrobe.

Prada Bibliotèque bag – larger version (L 11.8 x H 8.8 x W 5.7 inches) you can get for £ 1.940 in black, mercury, white or cameo.

prada b

prada b5


Prada Bibliotèque bag – smaller version with two colours (L 10.2 x H 7.8 x W 4.9 inches) which you can get for £1.790. The exception is the white one as it is made with exotic snakeskin for the side pleats. For this you will pay a bit more (£ 2.250), but it will be worth it. 

prada b6


prada b3

prada b1


prada b7


So girls, are you ready to invest in a new bag?


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