These luxury slippers with sheepskin are so cosy you will never take them off

Luxury slippers with high quality sheepskin from Morlands

I want to start this post with a question to you. What do you wear on your feet when you are at home? Do you wear shoes, or slippers? Or perhaps neither? When I lived in Spain, I was walking barefoot in the house most of the time. But here in UK, I am constantly cold. For a long time, I couldn’t find anything that would look nice and chic and as well be warm and comfortable. Then I got an opportunity to review these Morlands luxury slippers and when I saw the options on their website, I was sold. I finally felt like all my requirements were met. Pretty (tick), comfortable (tick), warm (tick), luxury (tick). And there is one point extra as well – they have a rubber sole. Carrying around a toddler makes me now far much more confident that I will not slip down the stairs.

Morlands luxury slippers

Now let me tell you something more about these luxury slippers. The outside is made of beautiful and thick suede and has a rubber sole. The inside is fully lined with luxurious, high-quality sheepskin. When you walk in them you feel like your feet are not even touching the floor. That is how soft and cosy they are, and I don’t want to take them off.

You can choose from many different styles and beautiful colours. I chose mine to be in chesnut shade as it gives even more luxurious feeling. They run a tiny bit big. I am between sizes, which normally it means I would go for the bigger one. However, it was the right choice to get in the end the smaller ones.

You can choose from a contemporary line or more traditional, heritage line. They also offer wide selection for men as well as range for outdoors. You can buy them directly from Morlands web site and they will be delivered to you in a nice box with each shoe in its own dust bag and with a shoe horn. A little touch to enhance the quality.

So do you already have a cosy Christmas present? Just saying…… 😉


Have a lovely day




Disclaimer: Post made in collaboration with Morlands, however all opinions and thoughts are mine.


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