Mini bag and 5 reason why you should buy one right now

Mini bag and 5 reason why you should buy one right now

With a constant battle we are trying to establish, what bag sizes are currently in? One week we are all about the bigger the better, and the next one the tiniest of bags are getting all the attention. Well I give up. It is just that there are millions of women who love a good handbag that it is impossible to put them all in one box. Everyone like something else. And that is great. That is why we have all the time so many choices. Plus we don’t need to stick to one size just because someone said it is cool right now. It is great that we have the freedom to change our preferences on daily basis. So today I have decided to dedicate this article to the phenomena of a mini bag.

The kind of mini bag, that you can consider yourself lucky if you manage to put there your keys wallet and phone, provided you don’t need anything else like lip gloss. You now must be thinking “sounds like a nightmare, why would I buy this mini bag” right? Well here me out, as i have the perfectly solid reasons.

5 reasons why you should own at least one number:

1. The smaller the bag the more you need to be selective of what you choose to carry around. Not bad if you are one of those women who carry things “just in case..”
2. Your hands, shoulders and back will less likely to hurt you as you will be caring less weight.
3. You can get away with much more extravagant design or colour than when you have a huge bag
4. If your daily look include mainly decent size handbag, mini bag will be a great change.
5. Mini bag looks very cute no matter the colour design or brand.
So here is the selection of my favourites that are currently available in shops.
Chanel Small Boy bag (£ 4,870) 
Lanvin Jiji Mini fuchsia shoulder bag (£ 2,265)
Louis Vuitton Pont-Neuf Mini
Fendi Double Micro Baguette (£ 1,640)
Prada Small bag (£ 810)
Tod’s Micro Wave bag (£ 885)
Fendi Micro Peekaboo (£ 1,110)
Fendi Micro Baguette (£ 1,580)
Tod’s Double T  Micro cross body bag (£ 1,530)
Aren’t they beautiful? Well maybe they might make you reconsider your bag size habits 🙂
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