Luxury iPhone cases that will take your fashion statements to the next level

Luxury iPhone cases

So here is a question to you. How often you are holding your phone during the day? The chances are, that your answer is “so often that I can’t even count it”. I would imagine, that if you have an Instagram account, or you are an instagrammer, your telephone is your office.

Have you actually notice how much people use their phones? No? Well then have a look one day around you. Queues are great examples. Next time you will be standing in one, try not to reach for your phone and look how many people are checking theirs. Not because someone called or wrote a text, but purely to kill the time. Checking the email. Looking up how many more followers they get on the Instagram. Reading the news. Checking the photos from last night party. Interesting, yes?

Now all the time we are manipulation with our phones, the risk of dropping it is pretty high. So why don’t you buy a phone case? You say that you have one? Well maybe you do, but have you actually notice how many fabulous cases there are? Ok they are not cheap, for a telephone case, but I promise you, that you will have a hard time to find more beautiful than the one I found for you. One more thing. Most of these are the cases for iPhone so if you don’t have one, maybe these beauties will make you get one.

Top 12 luxury iPhone cases:

Chanel phone holder in fuchsia tweed, via Chanel (£ 1,650)


Chanel phone holder in pink and black tweed, via Chanel (£ 1,400)


Dolce & Gabbana embellished iPhone 6 case in pink, via Mytheresa (£ 415)


Dolce & Gabbana embellished iPhone 6 case in black, via Mytheresa (£ 415)


Another Dolce & Gabbana embellished iPhone 6 case in blush, via Mytheresa (£ 475)


Dolce & Gabbana embellished iPhone 6 case in green, via Mytheresa (£ 475)


Gucci Ghost iPhone 6 Plus case, via Gucci (£ 130)


Fendi Karlito iPhone 6 case in black, via Fendi (£ 385)


Fendi iPhone 6 case with blue mink letter, via Fendi (£ 325)


Charlotte Olympia iPhone 5 case in blush, via Mytheresa (£ 107)


Dior Stardust embroidered iPhone 6 case in blue via Dior (£ 250)


Dior Stardust embroidered iPhone 6 case in fuchsia via Dior (£ 250)


So what do you think, aren’t they the most beautiful phone cases?


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