Yes, you can wear tulle skirt and look stylish. Just follow these simple rules.

long black tulle skirt, how to wear tulle skirt

Tulle skirt. Little girl’s dream to become the world famous prima ballerina. Sounds familiar? Maybe. Most of the girls at some point dream about becoming the beautiful princess in the Swan Lake ballet, so they can wear this stunning tulle skirt. What a vision. I, of course went through the phase as well. Ballerina dreams are long gone, however the dream about wearing a tulle skirt came back like a fresh air. Now, tulle skirts are everywhere and women of every shape and height are wearing them. And now you can too. But do you know how to style them? It is funny stiff material to work with, if you are not careful, it can make you look bigger. But now you can. Just follow these simple rules and you will rock it.

How to wear tulle skirt: 

  1. Be it long or short version, pay attention to the tulle type and quality. Some can be soft and flowy, while others can be quite harsh. The latter will stick much more, creating more of an fuller skirt. The flowy ones are perfect for you, if you want to create softer, more subtle look.
  2. These skirts are perfect with a T-shirt tucked inside. Ideally a graphic one. Big brands logo or quote are big right now. If you are cold, wear a short leather biker jacket. You will create perfect rock’n’roll look.
  3. Shoes. Try to wear an interesting pair of shoes that will complement the edgier look. I personally prefer high heels rather than sneakers even though it can look good as well.
  4. Accessories. Tulle skirt looks great with chunky bracelets and a good belt. Some of the tulle skirt have slightly weird looking waist so I always opt for belt that cover most of it.
  5. Last but not least. You don’t need to wear the tulle skirt only in the summer. Now you can enjoy your ballerina outfit all year round.


black tulle skirt

long black tulle skirt


saint laurent clutch

Jimmy Choo red shoes, long black tulle skirt

How to wear tulle skirt and look stylish

How to style tulle skirt

black tulle skirt H&M

How to style tulle skirt

black tulle skirt long

how to wear tulle skirt

black tulle skirt, red Jimmy Choo heels

long tulle skirt H&M

How to wear tulle skirt and look stylishBag: Saint Laurent clutch, Tulle skirt: H&M, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Belt: Bottega Veneta, T-shirt: H&M

So what do you think about the trend of a tulle skirt? Let me know your thoughts in the comments

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