How to wear this yellow sweater on repeat and how to find your perfect yellow shade

How to wear this yellow sweater on repeat The Fifth Label

Yellow is a great colour for spring. It is bright, fresh and light. Just adding that colour to your end of winter wardrobe, you will immediately feel like spring entered your soul. Like with this yellow sweater, which I will show you how to wear for different occasions. However first things first. Yellow can be a tricky colour so lets start with which shade of yellow is good is good for you.

What yellow for which skin tone?

Yellow sweater The Fifth Label Chanel brooch

The only problem with this colour is that you have to be careful which shade to choose. It can be quite tricky. If you choose wrong shade against your skin tone, you can look very “washed out” or too yellow.

My skin’s undertone is yellow, so I have to be very careful about the shades. Generally I can wear most of the pale or pastel yellow tones or then toward mustard kind of shades. Anything in between is a big no no for me.

If you have light to fair skin colour, mustard shades are your best friend. you could potentially also wear pastel colours, but they can easily wash you out.

If your skin has more of an olive tone, you will look great in pastel, or rich darker and vibrant yellow or mustard shades. Just avoid pastel mustard, that won’t look great on you. This is also my skin tone and when it comes to vibrant yellow, the shade must be on the darker side.

Dark skin tones can basically afford to wear any yellow, including neon or pastel. They will simply look amazing.



If you are still not sure which shade would be great for you, the best thing is to browse on shopping website like or any other similar and search for yellow outfits. You will see great indication of the shade by paying attention to the models who wear them like the ones here.


How to wear this yellow sweater for two different occasions?

First outfit is ideal for the office. This sweater is fairly short, so you need to make sure you have high enough bottoms. Paperbag waist trousers will look great. You can wear the sweater tucked in or also out and it will not make you look big. I teamed it with white relaxed longer white blazer from Zara. As this is a look for the office, you can add some heels and a tote bag and you are done. You can easily swap the blazer for a trench coat and heels for loafers and you immediately have another great outfit.

How to wear yellow sweater for work Hermes Birkin Chanel brooch

Yellow sweater paperbag waist pants Hermes Birkin white slingbacks

Second outfit is for the more relaxed time, like city break sightseeing or all day shopping with friends. White jeans give this look spring vibes and the chunky trainers add more “on trend” feel. You can swap the trainers for classic Tod’s loafers or nude heels and you have a great look for the casual Friday as well. Or you can swap white jeans for blue ripped jeans and again you create another look entirely. Like I was wearing it when I was in Prague.

How to wear yellow sweater in spring The Fifth Label, Louis Vuitton Chain It Bag

How to style yellow sweater with white jeans

As you can see, this sweater is actually super easy to combine, even if you are “colour phobe” who only wears neutral shades. Apart black and white, this yellow will also look its best against most shades of blue, dark yellows to brown or lilac.


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