How to wear red and pink together

How to wear red and pink together by Chic Journal

Pink and red were once the colours you would never like to be seen wearing together. So if you liked both these colours, you had to wear one or the other. What a dilemma, right? Well thankfully these days are over, big time! Now pink and red together is everywhere you look. But if you are still not sure how to wear red and pink together, here are some guidelines, that will help you on the way.

How to wear red and pink together

How to wear red and pink together

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing head to toe just red and pink, start with one small piece at a time. Accessories are perfect for introducing this trend into your daily wardrobe. Shoes and handbags particularly are easy to combine. Try this red Mansur Gavriel bag and team it with this or this pink top. Jeans will look great with both.1.blouse, 2. blouse, 3. bag, 4. jeans, 5. white jeans, 6. flats, 7. heels

Keep the rest of the things quite neutral. You don’t want to be more colourful than it is necessary, right? White, off white or grey shades look the best. Blue jeans are classics and will go with everything.

If you are more adventurous, you can go for the whole look. Try this red top and these pink jeans

1.jeans, 2. heels, 3. blouse, 4. bag

Don’t worry much about the hues of the colours, as these days anything goes. For example rich red will look great against magenta. But if you ARE choosing more than two pieces of such colours, be careful about the additional hues. It can clash and can be very laud for the eyes.

I personally love this combination and especially this summer I really do enjoy wearing it. Recently I got this fab round bag by Nico Gianni and I wore it with pink Prada cut trousers. I also got this pink and red pleated skirt which is currently one of my favourites. With both of the looks I wore Castaner espadrille wedges I talked about here.

So do you now know how to red and pink together and look elegant?

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How to wear red and pink


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