How to wear paperbag waist trousers day to night

How to wear paperbag trousers day and night

When it comes to black paperbag waist trousers, lot of women will tell you that they like them, but not sure how to wear them in order to look chic. Particularly in the evenings, like going for a dinner. However it doesn’t need to be the case. Black, high waisted trousers were, are and always will be one of the staples of a modern and chic woman. But how to wear paperbag waist trousers day to night? How to style them? Just recently I wrote similar post about white trousers, which you can read here. However now, I have here some points to keep in mind if you want to look chic from dusk to dawn in black pants.

How to wear paperbag trousers day and night by Chic Journal1. Black paperbag trousers 2. V-neck sweater 3. Chanel Flap bag 4. Flat slip-ons 5. Chanel Flab bag 6. Valentino Rockstuds 7. Cami top

How to wear paperbag waist trousers day to night

  1. These trousers can look amazing, if they fit well. Make sure, that shape will flatter your body, otherwise they can make you look bigger than you are. Fabric should not be very stiff and too thick, as it can add some kilograms.
  2. Wear the tops always tucked inside and let the waist speak for it self.
  3. Avoid wearing overly loose tops, as what you want is to create a balance with more loose paperbag waist pants.
  4. For more casual look, wear a simple t-shirt or light sweater and flat shoes. You can team it with leather or denim jacket. Switch to cami top, blazer and heels for the evening. Bodysuit will look great as well.
  5. Paperbag trousers don’t look great with turtleneck sweaters, so opt for something more airy. Also avoid baggy looking, heavy jackets. Both will add you unnecessary weight.
  6. When it gets colder throw on this camel coat and you are good to go.


On my first pictures I was wearing my Sandro paperbag black trousers with V-neck Uniqlo sweater and Carvela flats. This is a perfect outfit for running my errands all day long. Chanel Jumbo Flap bag has a great size to fit all I need the day. Comfortable, yet Paperbag trousers with Uniqlo sweater and Chanel bag Paperbag trousers with V-neck sweater

What to wear with paperbag trousers How to style paperbag trousers casually by Chic Journal blog

On my second outfits, I am wearing the same black trouser, but this time with silk Claudie Pierlot cami top, Valentino Rockstuds heels and Zara blazer. I love wearing my classic Chanel Flap bag in the evening. What to wear with paperbag trousers in the night How to style high waist trousers in the night

What to wear with high waisted trousers by ChicJournal

So do you have a pair of paperbag waist trousers in your wardrobe? If not, now is a good time to get one.


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How to style paperbag trousers day and night



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