Best thing to buy this month: Chunky trainers that you will wear all year round

Best thing to buy this month: Chunky trainers that you will wear all year round

Chunky sneakers: Nero Giardini, Jeans: Paige 

It is still quite cold outside and you are maybe still wearing your boots, but the spring is coming and with that also warmer days. And of course with that your need to review your spring shoe collection. Therefore this month’s episode of “the best thing to buy this month” I am dedicating to shoes. So the best thing to buy this month is chunky trainers. There are types, that just add a chunky platform or those which actually are chunky all over. The most iconic ones to represent this trends are this Balenciaga ones, which everyone is now talking about. For me, these chunky trainers are a bit too much. Also, with my 39,5 size (6,5 UK / 9 US) my foot can look really huge in those, so the platform is my kind of option.

Why to get chunky trainers

I was never a fan of wearing trainers outside of gym. Those who know me very long time knew I also never owned a pair of trainers (or flat shoes for that matter). That changes slightly just recently, since we have kids. I simply can’t run around constantly in heels. I need to be comfy. And that is when my interest started. So why you should not get just any trainers but the chunky ones?

  1. It is a new trend that will last a while, so you don’t need to worry about seasonal craze.
  2. They are comfortable, so if you are running around, chunky trainers are what you need
  3. You will be able to wear them all year round. Comparing to classic trainers, chunky trainers look also good in winter with a coat. They don’t look that fragile when you wear them with your faux fur, comparing to classic trainers. Also they will be a bit warmer as you will have more material between your foot and ground.

Chunky sneakers: Nero Giardini, Jeans: Paige , Yellow sweater: The Fifth Label, Belt: Anne Fontaine (similar here), Jacket: Miss Selfridge, Brooch: Chanel, Bag: Louis Vuitton (similar here)

How to choose chunky trainers

That one is very simple and I have just couple of things on this. If your foot size is on the larger size, opt rather for the platform based pair. That is how you will avoid your foot appearing even bigger and not proportional to the rest of your body. I am always all about the proportions. So taller girls can easily wear more chunky trainers than shorter ones. Also I think the colour scheme and your overall style is your good indicator. What are you wearing most? Are you more classic, elegant girl, or you are more sporty, street style girl? If you are more toward the first one, simpler chunky trainers in one colour will look great on you. However if you are embracing street style fashion forward look, you can get away with more colourful and chunkier look.


How to wear chunky trainers

Chunky sneakers are quite easy wear. You can see all over the social media how women wear them with skirt, dresses, jeans or even business suits. I personally like to wear them with more sporty look, like you can see above. Usually with jeans or pants. I bought these Nero Giardini chunky trainers in Prague few weeks ago, but I discovered them here on Amazon as well. They are true to size, extremely comfortable cost below £100! Below you can get some inspiration for how to wear to different type of chunky sneakers. First, more simple and classic look and the second more relaxed, more street style look.

So which one would be your choice?

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