How to wear a lingerie top with these 5 simple rules

Lingerie top

Lingerie top is nothing new in the fashion, but the thing is, that most of the times it can be associated with the type of the clothes you would wear in the bedroom. Or maybe into a nightclub in your twenties. But what about now? Can you still wear something like this, that can be a bit too sexy or suggestive if you are not careful? The answer is YES, absolutely, and why not?  Lingerie top can look stunning, very feminine and appropriate if you wear it right. Still not convinced? Than read further to find out my 5 simple rules on how to wear a lingerie top.

How to wear lingerie top

  1. Style. The most important of all. The style and shape of a lingerie top absolutely has to fit your body shape like a glove. Anything less then perfect fit will make you look very cheap.
  2. Colour. All colours can look stunning on this type of top, however choose really wisely. Try to complement the lingerie top colour to your skin tone. For example, if you have a very pale skin and you will choose blush powder pink, you might look like you have actually forgotten to put on the rest of the clothes.
  3. Lace. The lace bit is usually the part that attracts the attention most.
  4. Fabric. Look for a fabric that is thicker. Even a satin can be different on a night gown and on this kind of top.
  5. Styling. Style it the way you like but avoid any kind of tight mini skirts or hot pants if you don’t want to look trashy or like you just stepped out of a nightclub. I like wearing mine with trousers and blazer. Especially the blazer gives it  more polished day look.

For this day look I chose white Paige jeans, high heels and a blue blazer from Zara. The Chanel backpack was a perfect fit to complement the colour of the top.

Chanel backpack

Lingerie top

Lingerie Top

How to wear a lingerie top

Chanel backpack Lingerie top

Chanel backpack Cuba collection

How to wear a lingerie top

How to wear a lingerie top

Chanel backpack

Chanel Cuba Collection

Chanel backpack Cuba Collection

Bag: Chanel backpack from Cuba Collection, Top: Pinko, Jeans: Paige, Blazer: Zara, Necklace: Lara Bohinc, Shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Sunglasses: Linda Farrow, Brooch: Chanel


So what do you think? Will you give a lingerie top chance? Let me know.

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