How to take time for yourself and get the most out of it

How to take time for yourself and get the most out of it

How often do you take time for yourself? And I don’t mean squeezing manicure appointment on the way from the supermarket. Also I definitely don’t mean scheduling 30 min run before or after breakfast. What I am talking about is a scheduled and fully planned time. No stress, no kids running around, no one asking you millions of questions and your phone is on silent. The kind of time that many of us forget to take because “life gets in the way”.How to take time for yourself Chic Journal blog lifestyle

Really, when was the last time, YOU took time for yourself? The one I just described above? I think that especially women feels more guilty when taking time for themselves. We tend to put our families and our kids and husbands before us. Even with work, we want to strive for the best. And it is all great. But let me tell you this. YOU are NOT super humans and YOU need to put yourselves first at least once in a while. I don’t know if you remember (or if you saw) the “Sex in the city” the movie, when Carrie started to use her apartment (after she moved in with “Big”) as a sacred place. She even let here friends to use it when they needed a piece of quietness.

Now I am not telling you to go and buy yourself and apartment, but I am trying to tell you: “TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF” at least once in a while. And if you are struggling with how would you manage that, here are some simple tips how to achieve that.Peggy Porchen cupcakes Chic journal blog Petra Brisby

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How to take time for yourself and get the most out of it

1. First of all. SCHEDULE the date when you will take time for yourself. Don’t plan it for tomorrow, but min in a week from now. Why? Because we are creatures of habits and routines and if you plan something like that for tomorrow, you might find it too stressful to shuffle things around. In the end you might not relax the way you deserve. Later date will give you time to organise yourself.

2. When you have an exact date, decide on the DURATION. How long can you manage without being disturbed? In any case, try to schedule min an hour. Full, undisturbed 60 min go a long way.

3. Tell your kids, husband etc, you are taking time for yourself. This sounds a bit silly of obvious, but believe me, it is for your own good. If everyone around you know you need a bit of peace, you have better chances that no one will disturb you.Peggy Porchen cupcake Chic Journal blogger Petra Brisby

4. Choose in advance what you want to do. Spa or mani pedi with a glass of champagne? Great. Sleeping? Fine. It is totally up to you. Also please, switch off your phone. I wrote about the digital detox and its importance here, so please, you can live without your connection once in a while.

I personally very much value this time to read magazines. Not books and nothing online, but good old magazines. Ideally with a cup of coffee or tea. If I am at home, I would play a nice classical music as well. Just recently I went to Peggy Porchen bakery to have a cake. That is also perfect spot. Catch up with magazine, drink coffee and eat and treat yourself with a cake. All that with no rush.

5. The last but not least tips is: REPEAT IT! Take time for yourself regularly and don’t feel guilty about it. It is important to recharge batteries and I feel like we, women, sometimes forget about it.

How to take time for yourself and get the most out of it Peggy Porchen cupcakes

Peggy Porchen cakes London Chic Journal blog

Are you taking time regularly? What you like to do?

Have a chic day







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  1. Naila Khan
    October 27, 2018 / 12:13 am

    Hi, Petra your blog makes so much sense. We should make time for ourselves because this makes you happy and in the long term makes everyone happy.

    • petra
      October 29, 2018 / 7:58 am

      Thank you very much Naila. That is very true!

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