Best thing to buy this month: Animal print and dos and don’ts of styling it

Best thing to buy this month: Animal print and dos and don’ts of styling it

I am not a huge fan of prints. They just don’t suit me very well. I find it quite difficult to find a print that I would feel comfortable to wear. Except one. Animal print. Thank God it is back in fashion this fall. You can see all sorts of animal print everywhere, whether it is zebra, snake or tiger. However the most popular is leopard print and this one is also my personal favourite. Over the years I have accumulated few pieces there and there, whenever this trend came along and over the years I was playing with an idea to throw it all out. Now I am happy I haven’t.

Animal print is a real showstopper, if you wear it right. However in case you are in need, here are some pointers.

Dos and don’ts of styling animal print

  1. Choose a piece of clothing that is in a shade complementing your skin tone. Personally, I don’t quite like yellow tones and go rather for brown ish or grey ish shades. But now you can find this print in all sorts of colours, red, yellow, blue or green. Just make sure you are choosing the one that fits with your colouring.
  2. Keep the rest of the look quite simple. Fortunately, animal print goes quite well with most of the colours, so this one should be straightforward. Red (and its hues) looks particularly good as well. I know that now there are no rules to what you should or shouldn’t combine, however not everyone can pull off animal print with checks or other prints. Just keep it simple.
  3. Pay attention to the fabric (again, my obsession with fabric). Especially when you are shopping online. Some items can look great on pictures, but when you receive them, the look rather cheap. With some trends, you can get away with cheaper fabric, but animal print is not one of them.
  4. I think animal print is an amazing look, if you style it well. But if you don’t, you can easily look like a streetwalker from the 90’s. Avoid dresses that are too tight or too short. If you choose tight jeans or pants with such print, combine it with oversized sweater, jacket or shirt. I love also coats, they look great with simply one or two colour outfit underneath. Black is my favourite to match with a coat. Animal print top would look good with jeans or any other pants. Just make sure you are having atop from good quality material.1. Blouse 2.Grey blouse 3. Cami top 4. Wrap top 5. One shoulder top 6. White blouse

How to style animal print blazer

Animal print blazer looks great both when it is dressed up and down. Denim always looks great and overall it is good idea to keep the rest of the outfit quite simple. On the pictures I have created two different looks. One, with burnt orange blouse by Max Mara and brown wool trousers by Piazza Sempione. I teamed it with Christian Louboutin simple pumps and Chanel Buy bag.

The second look is more casual with black shirt by Mango and blue jeans by Guess. I chose Christian Louboutin simple black pumps with platform and Chanel Classic Flab bag.

 1. Blazer with belt 2. Blazer with 3/4 sleeves 3. Classic leopard print blazer 4. Fitted blazer 5. Blazer with black detail 6. Red blazer

How to style animal print dress

Dress is quite easy to style. Personally I prefer a dress that is ether longer, in case it has a cleavage. If the dress has more coverage at the top area, it can be shorter. Combination of short, cleavage and animal print is a bit too much in my opinion. I styled the dress with these Gianvito Rossi beige pumps and Chanel Buy bag. I like to keep the accessories very simple.

1. Sleeveless dress 2. Wrap dress 3. Wrap dress 4. Long dress 5. Midi dress 6. Short sleeves dress

How to wear animal print accessories

If you don’t dare to wear a whole piece of clothing but still love this print, you can also go for small animal print accessory or shoes. I particularly love the shoes. They add a special and more interesting touch to your outfit. As I said, animal print look very good against jeans and all these shoes below will look awesome with them. Just imagine simple blue or black jeans and white shirt. Voila, your simple outfit gets and upgrade.1. Christian Louboutin pumps 2. Flat boots 3. Mules 4. Tod’s pumps 5. High heels boots 6. Kitten heels mules


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  1. Naila Khan
    September 4, 2018 / 11:09 pm

    Love the styling, especially the blazer.

    • petra
      September 5, 2018 / 7:35 am

      Thank you very much Naila! have a lovely day!

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