How to stay fit at home and without a gym

HOw to stay fit at home without a gym

The chances are, you are probably on lock-down due to Coronavirus or you have to completely self-isolate. You are probably working from home but still trying to figure out how to stay fit when you can’t leave the house, right? When Boris Johnson announced the UK’s lockdown I was full of emotions. I was happy that finally stricter rules are being applied as we all want to have this nightmare over. I was a bit frustrated, that I won’t be able to go to a restaurant, coffee place or even a hairdresser for unforeseeable future.

But when it comes to gyms and exercising and staying healthy and fit, I was panicking. OMG how am I going to stay in shape? How do I stay fit a healthy now? You see, my morning routine is simple. I get up, have breakfast, take children to school and go to gym. When I come back, I start to work. We don’t have a gym at home and generally I am not a huge fan of exercising in the house. However in such situation one needs to be creative. So we are, and now you can be too by following these tips and tricks on how to stay fit when you are self-isolating.

6 key principles to stay fit at home

“Make a plan and create goals”

First and the basic rules of staying in shape while at home is to make a solid plan. With gym, everything is easy, because you can just turn up and follow a PT or class or workout on countless machines. But at home? It is all completely up to you. You are the one responsible for every workout. So MAKE A PLAN! Weekly plan tend to work the best as it gives you space to adjust for the following week if something isn’t quite right. So what do you actually need to plan?

Create goals you want to achieve

What do you want to achieve by exercising at home? Every one can have a different goal. You might like to just stay active, or keep your level of fitness or some might even like to improve their fitness levels. What ever it is, make sure you have this part clear as it will be your stepping stone for the type, amount and intensity of the workouts. Write your goals down as seeing it black on white makes it more real and you will more likely stay on track.

How often will you exercise per week

If you are in self-isolation (and provided you are healthy) I would recommend to exercise most days. Don’t forget, that normally you would still move a lot when you are running errands, of working in the office and swiftly walking across halls for meetings.

How long each exercise will be

You don’t need to turn into an exercising machine in order to stay fit and healthy. However think about the general recommendation for daily steps. Currently it is set for 10.000 steps. To walk this, it would take you more then an hour at a normal walking pace. So if you are at home, how can you turn that into your daily workout?


“Look for an inspiration that works for you”

There is so many apps, YouTube videos and websites with exercises,  that there is no excuse. You don’t need a huge room, even flat will do. You literally need a small space and a internet connection. My favourite app I am using actually for few years now is “SWEAT” by Kayla Itsines. It is one of the most holistic apps I found and for most of the workouts you don’t need anything. Also you can take an advantage of the food planner and recipes which are also included in this app. You have to pay a little bit for monthly use, however it is nowhere close to a price of a PT or a gym.

If you don’t like apps, there is plenty of videos on YouTube. I really like the POPSUGAR fitness videos, especially with Janette Jenkins. They are easy to follow, you don’t need equipment, you don’t need much space and you burn tuns of calories.


“Make exercise part of your working from home routine”

If you read my previous post about “how to work from home and stay productive” you might remember the importance of a routine. So make sure that you will also incorporate all your exercises into your new “working from home” routine. Otherwise there is a risk that you will simply start make excuses that you don’t have time to exercise because you have to work. That’s just how it is. But time is on your side for once and YOU DO HAVE TIME now to exercise.

Even if you have kids running around there is plenty of videos of mothers exercising with their children. If you really can’t spare and hour, then split your workout into smaller chunks and do then throughout the day. But remember – PLAN WHEN, HOW and HOW LONG you will do each workout. My husband and I started our new routine this week. We get up at 6,15 am and do either 45 min or 60 min workout using both my SWEAT app and the POPSUGAR YouTube videos. By the time kids get up, we are done and can enjoy breakfast all together.


“Fuel your body with healthy food”

Now that you are at home, you actually have the luxury to cook for yourself healthy and nutritious food. Especially when it is recommended to go to supermarkets as infrequently as possible, You have a chance to plan your meals properly. Don’t use this time as an excuse to eat unhealthy food but rather use this as an opportunity to eat as healthy as you can. Don’t forget to include things like fresh ginger, garlic and veg high in vitamin C. Believe me, your body will be grateful, especially now that we all need strong immunity and stay healthy.


“Get some basic fitness equipment”

Another thing you can do, if you wan to take your fitness at home to the next level is to buy some basic equipment. You definitely don’t need to do that, but if you can, it will help you on the way to your goals. You can go as simple as buying just yoga mat and a pair of dumbbells. Depend on how much space you have at home, you can then add skipping rope, leg weights and elastic bands. If you have enough space for larger equipment, balance ball works wonder as well as a punching bag. However all this is just to help you and these things are not vital for your goals.


“Be honest with yourself”

My last point is about honesty. BE HONEST with yourself. Are you really working as hard as you would in a gym or with a PT? are you really doing enough to stay fit while at home? Remember, it is your health, your fitness and your body. If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.


I hope these tips will help you stay on track of your fitness goals. Also please share what other tricks you use to stay in shape while at home.


Stay safe and well

Have an active day




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