How to make your legs look longer with 6 simple tricks

How to make your legs look longer with 6 simple tricks

Have you ever looked at the mirror and wished your legs are longer? Ever thinking how to make your leg look longer? Yes? Well then welcome to my club. Since I was a teenager, I was always wishing for longer and leaner legs. Whatever pants I want to buy, there is almost 100% chance I will need to take them to the tailor to shorten them or I will need to wear killer heels. While killer heels are definitely my preference, they are not always an option, especially when you are planning an active day. Also I am obsessing about proportions of the figure. Therefore there is virtually no chance in the world you would see me in for example long skirt with long sweater hanging over it. That look just straightforwardly shorten legs so that is a big NO for me.

If you are in the same camp like me, here are some tips how to make your legs look longer with just few simple tricks.

How to make your legs look longer

High waist is your best friend

It is all about proportions. High waist trousers will always look much better and will do wonders for the length of your legs.

Especially when you wear pants like culottes, high waist is important. If you wear flat shoes, high waist can add few extra inches to your legs. High waist also apply to skirts or shorts, so check your wardrobe if you have the right clothes already, or is you have to do some serious shopping.


High waist pants to make your legs look longer by Chi Journal

Beige pumps Gianvito Rossi Chanel Boy bag animal print dress

Wear the right shoes

There is quite a lot you can do just by wearing the right pair of shoes. One of the most easy trick is to wear beige heels. The closer the colour to your skin tone, the better. The pair I am wearing here is by Gianvito Rossi.

Also higher slim heels will make your legs look longer then shorter chunkier heels. Another trick with shoes is to wear pointy toe. Pointy to will always prolong your feet. If you are wearing long pants, wearing shoes in the same colour as your pants helps.

In the winter, avoid mid calf boots, or wearing ankle boots with skirt (long or short). Knee high boots will always look better.


Make your legs look longer with vertical stripes

Pay attention to patterns. Pants, or even skirts and dresses with vertical stripes will help your legs look mile long. Optic illusion is the key.

When you want to wear pants with some other pattern, smaller pattern will look better than bigger one. Bigger pattern tend to make your legs look wider and shorter. I love these Miss Selfridge pants. I bought them couple of years back and they have also high waits so I tick two boxes straight away. The cami is by Cami NYC , blazer by Zara and the bag by Nico Giani.

Cami NYC lace top black with white blazer and stripy pants

Pink suit Iris and Ink, beige heels Gianvito Rossi, How to make your legs look longer

Stock up on belts

One accessory you will become friendly with is a great waist belt, or two. Or rather a lot. Whether it is a wide one or slim one, it is a good idea to accentuate your waist to make sure you create the right proportions and prolong your legs optically.

I am wearing belts over skirts, dresses or pants just to make sure I create the right proportions. Both the pants and the blazer is by Iris and Ink and it is one of my favourite pieces right now.


Wear one colour heat to toe

Wearing one colour head to toe is a great idea when you want to go for simplicity. Wearing just one colour will make you look longer and leaner, whether you will be all in black or any other colour.

On the picture, I was wearing black flared jeans and white shirt, so not completely one colour, but I added black cardigan which I got on Revolve few years back. Because it is a long one, I used belt again to accentuate the waist and create that all in one colour illusion.

How to make your leg look longer with 6 tricks by Chic Journal blog

How to make your legs look longer on pictures

Tuck in your tops for longer legs

I mentioned this at the beginning of this post. It always helps, if you tuck in your tops. For example long or midi skirt with long top over it, won’t look amazing. I know it is now super trendy, so if you want to be trendy, then by all means, wear it over your skirts or pants. But I prefer to make my legs longer rather then shorter.

How to make your legs look longer on the pictures?

And here is a bit of a bonus. In case you don’ t have any of the things above available, like on summer holidays or day on the beach, there also some tricks how to make your legs mile long on the pictures. When taking pictures, ask your photographer to shoot from the bottom rather then from the eye level.

When you are taking pictures siting, try to place your legs slightly diagonally form where is the camera. The more directly they are to the camera, the shorter they look. Just try different angles and find the one that works for you best.

Another trick is also to place one leg in front another and point the toe toward the camera. When you are standing, that will make your legs look a bit longer as well. Generally speaking, pointing the toes or standing on your toes (when wearing flat shoes) will always look great.


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How to make your legs look longer with 6 tricks




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