Everything you need to know about a trench coat

Everything you need to know about a trench coat

You can hardly say that a trench coat is very exciting piece of wardrobe. Neither you can say it a new trend. However what you CAN say, is that it is a perfect staple piece for spring. It is still quite cold, however you can leave winter coat like this one resting peacefully in the wardrobe. With a cardigan like this one, you can already wear a trench coat and be warm enough. Trench coats have been with us since the very beginning of 20th century and originally they were developed for the French and English soldiers in the WW1. And of course the most iconic Trench coat British designer Thomas Burberry was there at the very beginning. No wonder this brand is still at the top with many trying to compete.

Well this year the designs are super exciting. From the choices of material to the cuts and colours, trench coats get the overall makeover and it really is a good one. Whether you want leather, plastic or precious skin, all is possible this year. I have the classic one, by Michael Kors and I must say I am pretty happy with that. It is classic, it is beige, easily combined with everything and the golden buttons make it a bit more elegant. But what about you? Do you have this staple piece in your wardrobe? If not, here are few rules how you should choose the best one.

How to choose the right trench coat

  1. Definitely get the double breasted one, as that is the most classical. While doing so, make sure you can close all the buttons and still have a space for free movement. The buttons must sit comfortably in 2 lines, not pulling anywhere. If it does pull the fabric, get a bigger size.
  2. Aim for waterproof material. In the end of the day their purpose should be the wear them during the rainy English spring.
  3. When it comes to colours, go for neutrals. Beige, cream or khaki will always be trendy. Bright colours look fun too, but the chances are, the next year you won’t like to wear them.
  4. There could be different length, so this one is up to you. I have mine up to the knees, as I can wear it with dress underneath. Shorter versions just don’t look good with skirts. And unfortunately, I see it a lot. Women rushing in the morning to the office with pencil skirt or dress and a trench coat to the mid of their thighs. Not a good look.
  5. Trench coat looks great with a belt. Usually the belts have buckle, however it looks nice just to casually tie the belt, like I did on the pictures. Bag: Louis Vuitton Chain It Bag (or similar here or here), Trench coat: Michael Kors (similar here and here), Shoes: Adidas (similar here or here or here), Jeans: Guess (similar here or here), Turtleneck sweater: Uniqlo (similar here or here), Cap: Zara (similar here ), Sunglasses: Linda Farrow (or similar here and here)

So if you still have no trench coat in your wardrobe, now is the time to get one. Pronto!


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