Hotel review: Bless hotel Madrid is the new and uber chic addition to the hotel scene.

Hotel review: Bless Hotel Madrid. Leading hotels of the world

Madrid is one of my favourite places to visit. Partly because I lived there so it still feels like home but also because it is fun and chic place with an amazing food and great people. It also has great hotels, with Villa Magna being my favourite. However since about less then two months ago, there is a new hotel opened. Bless hotel Madrid is a part of The Leading Hotels of the World and there is sister hotel in Ibiza as well. I stayed in Bless hotel couple of weeks ago and must admit, it was a very pleasant experience.

Hotel location

It is right in the heart of the city on one of the main roads, in the poshest neighbourhood of Madrid, Salamanca. You will be able to walk to all the best shops and restaurants and will take you about 25 min from the airport.

Design and rooms of the Bless hotel

Bless hotel Madrid is a boutique hotel and one that is very trendy. The second you enter you see a bar with a roulette design buzzing with people having coffee and drinks. There is a real life to it. The design is modern, full of rich colours and plush velvet sofas. Some parts have also a bit colonial feel, like the restaurant and the ground floor. The reception is in a separate room, surrounded by library. I like that as it gives you privacy but at the same time, you don’t find it by a chance. The whole ground floor feels very lively and has a great atmosphere for socialising, but for a hotel it feels a bit too dark.

Anyway, I loved the design of the rooms. Mine was spacious Deluxe room with walk in wardrobe, which you don’t find very often in hotels, so it was a great treat. The only few odd thing was the bathroom, where the bathtub was at the same cubicle as the shower. I was very much impressed by finding also hair curler in the bathroom, which is quite unusual.

Ont thing I found annoying is that you need your room card for the lift even if you go down the lift. When I was checking out, I forgot the card in the room. I had to wait quite a while in front of the lift with my suitcases until someone came. Not ideal situation.


Food and restaurants

I must say, the food is really good. The breakfast is very pricey (30 EUR pp) but you can sure that everything will be high quality. Spanish ham is one of my favourite things but in most hotels you will get quite mediocre one. In Bless hotel Madrid, however, the Spanish ham was excellent. Also you can enjoy the meals cooked by famous Michelin star chef Martín Berasategui in Etxeko restaurant on ground floor. He has received in total astonishing 10 Michelin stars over the years and owns several restaurants around the world, including in Mexico or Dominican Republic.

There is also a roof top terrace with a tiny pool and a Lounge, but that will be open only in summer. In the basement though, you can also enjoy a game of bowling, which I think adds to the whole socialising atmosphere of the hotel.


Would I go back? Yes I would, especially if their rates would stay reasonable. In case they rates would climb (I paid 204 EUR for Deluxe room with a view to a wall), Villa Magna would be my choice. Currently though, the most expensive and really big Bless Your Couture Suite cost around 570 EUR via the hotel website. But that room is more like an apartment with its own terrace and outdoor Jacuzzi.


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    • petra
      March 25, 2019 / 11:03 am

      It is really great! Can recommend it 🙂

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