Best thing to buy this month: Headbands, the “it” accessory you need in 2019

Headbands, the "it" accessory you will need in 2019

First apologies for missing the January episodes of “best thing to buy this month”. I was travelling pretty much the whole month and didn’t have much time to catch up on work. Bu now I am back and my series is here as well. Every first Tuesday of the month, as always. So this month episode is all about HEADBANDS.

The good news is headbands are back! And they are back with a big bang! When I was a little girl, headbands were a norm. Later, when I grew up, headbands were not something you would wear in public. They were not at all cool. Do you remember the times when you would quickly take off your headband when someone suddenly appeared at your doorstep?

Then, few years back, I think something starting to change, when Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl was rocking them and looked absolutely stunning doing so. The great thing about them is that you can wear them with pretty much any hairstyle you want. And what is even better is, that they save you when you have a bad hair day. With a good headband, bad hair days basically don’t exist. Isn’t it what you always wanted?Best thing to buy this month, headbands is the ultimate accessory in 2019

Headband styles

There are as many different styles as you can imagine, so I will cover the basic types. The first one is absolute basic, simple tortoise shell headband. It is the kind you can wear all day long at any occasion, but will look at its best with casual outfit like jeans and white shirt.  Second and my favourite, is narrow headband with small pearls. I have one in pink and in black. The pink one is my favourite as the colour very soft, girly and goes with almost everything. I admit, it is not the absolute basic type, but it is my favourite.

Next type is headband with a knot. I love wearing these with statement earrings. If you like these, keep the rest of accessories quite simple. Big headband and earrings are enough to make a statement. Next we have jewelled headbands. They can have all sort of shapes and sizes. They will look amazing especially in the evening and will make you feel like a princess. You can totally channel you inner Blair Waldorf by matching it with a cocktail dress . You can also create a headband by making a knot with a scarf. This looks the best with a messy hair. and hoop earrings.

Headbands with knot best accessory for 2019


Which one is your favourite?


Have a chic day









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