Beautiful day in London and the delight of shopping in Harrods

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I love going to London. Especially when the weather is nice and for once you can leave your umbrella at home. Going there for years and seeing all the touristic attractions from all sort of angles, nice restaurants and shopping become my classical combination while visiting the capital. That was the case few days ago. I was planning nice morning of shopping finished with great lunch. I love going shopping first thing in the morning when the shops just open and yesterday I went to Harrods. It is always special, as the moment you open the door you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Mornings there are fairly quiet which gives you the opportunity to wander around without the crowds. As you probably know on the 5th floor there is a shoe heaven, but for me there is one more heaven – the ground floor full of beautiful handbags. The diversity can be so overwhelming; it almost feels impossible to focus on one particular bag.

Brands are quietly competing for your attention by having the best display possible. The service there always make sure you feel welcomed and special. Their selling skills are immaculate, never make you feel pressured to buy something. The long shelves give all the handbags the space to show off to passing admirers. Some best or unique piece living in the vitrines quietly seducing those who will be brave enough to ask the staff for presentation. What I also love is that you can wander around for hours without the need of walking great deal between the shops and exploring the new treasures on every corner.

I was in a really good mood so I wanted to dress up a little bit. Choosing a skirt from Tara Jarmon with golden flowers and white JCrew sleeveless shirt with embellishment around the neck seemed like good idea. I matched it with Charlotte Olympia heels which are so comfortable it is insane. I also wore Prada sunglasses from the new collection. My day bag was Prada, that I have for quite some time. I love this bag, but don’t wear as much as I would like to. The reason is its colour. The second you wear darker clothes, especially jeans, it leaves the marks on the bag making it look dirty. That is why i wear it mainly in the summer when i wear lighter clothes.







I would love to hear your stories of your favourite place to go shopping. And don’t forget to let me know your latest handbag buy! 


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