Hakkasan Mayfair. Why you should skip the wine and start with Dim Sum

Hakassan Restaurant Mayfair London

Hakkasan Mayfair is probably the best Chinese restaurant in London, although it has stiff competition from Kai, Park Chinois and China Tang. I have been going to Hakkasan ever since it first opened in Hanway Place – an unappealing back alley near the Tottenham Court Road. No sign on the black, suspicious looking door with a doorman. I thought I am going to some sort private club. Anyway the no sign and black door are still the case as is the doormen. So if you go for the first time, you better pay attention otherwise you will pass the place without noticing.

When in London, we usually stay in Connaught hotel so we tend to go to the Mayfair branch. In the heart of Mayfair in Bruton Street and just few steps of other fantastic restaurants like Sexy Fish, Novikov or Nobu, this is officially one of my favourite restaurants in London. In my experience the Mayfair branch is the most consistently excellent in terms of food and service (visited also branch in Las Vegas and LA).

What to eat in Hakkasan Mayfair

My most recent lunch there started with the excellent Dim Sum selection and salt and pepper squid. I am not generally a huge fan of Dim Sum, but must admit that the ones in Hakkasan Mayfair are awesome. The salt and pepper squid is particularly good – extremely crispy without a hint of grease.

Best Dim Sum in London Hakkasan Mayfair

Then came spicy venison. An excellent dish using enough chilli to give a hit but not so much as to overpower the excellent meat. And the meet is so tender, it literally dissolve in you mouth.

Spicy venison dish at Hakkasan Mayfair

We also had sweet and sour pork. I know, not the healthiest option but unbelievably good.  The sweet and sour pork at Hakkasan Mayfair is the best I have ever had. High quality pork, very crispy and served with a delicious sauce.  We had this dish in Kai Mayfair, another excellent Chinese round the corner, and it was not a patch on the Hakkasan version.

Sweet an sour pork at best Chinese Restaurant in London Hakkasan Mayfair

Langoustines with chillies were also amazing.  We had the main courses with some good Singapore noodles and some steamed rice.

Steamed langoustines in vermicelli noodles Hakkasan Mayfair London

Vermicelli Noodles Hakkasan Mayfair London restaurant

If you are having a sweet tooth, I hugely recommend the ice creams. The green tea flavour is my favourite. It is like eating frozen green tea leaves.

What to drink

To drink we had a couple of glasses of Laurent Perrier rose Champagne (my favourite) and a particularly good bottle of chilled sake. For some reason I really don’t like to drink just wine with Chinese food (except one glass before the food comes). The selection of Sake is amazing and we always listen to recommendation.

Drinks at Hakassan Mayfair London restaurant

I have been to Hakkasan Mayfair many, many times and I have always had a great time. Fantastic food and service in a very cool atmosphere.  It is great place to go for informal lunch or fun evening with friends. Sometimes in the evenings the music can be a bit too loud, but that would stop me going there. Definitely one not to be missed when you are next in London!

Chic Journal blogger Petra in Hakkasan Mayfair London

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