Gucci backpack is the perfect choice for the long haul travels

Gucci backpack

There are lots of places I like. There are lots of places I love and there are a few places I adore. Ok I haven’t been travelling around the world to see everything but from the places I have been one sticks out by a long way. Especially when it comes to skiing holidays. Aspen is my favourite place in the world, no doubt. I skied in around the Europe since I was a kid and I loved it. But Aspen completely bewitched me and now has a very secure and generous space in my heart.

More than ten years back I still remember how excited and stressed I was, going there the first time. Of course the movie Aspen Extreme was one of my favourites since I was about 15. I think I packed 3 suitcases full of clothes to make sure I will be dressed well. Now, I still take three suitcases, but it is funny how the whole perception changed over the years. Now I feel like going back home (even though we don’t have a house there). Everything is so familiar. The people in the hotel, people in my favourite shops and of course my amazing snowboard instructor who still has patience with me after all these years.

Well as of course this time round, I wanted to document my trip for my blog and share with you my style and bags I was wearing. I must say this time it was quite easy. My first choice was my Gucci backpack I got last September. The journey is pretty horrid, 18 hours door to door, so I wanted to make sure I have something quite hardwearing, preferably black and ideally with the free hands possibility. So the Gucci backpack was my clear winner. Surprisingly it is quite spacious. This time I had there my Ipad, Kindle, passports of the whole family, telephone, charger, skin cleaning products, basic touch up makeup set and some of my jewellery that I always prefer to have close to me rather than check it in.

Anyway not only this was a great choice for the travel, it was also very comfortable for walking around. When we were taking the photographs, I was wearing black jeans, off white cashmere sweater with cashmere gilet on the top and my sparkly boots which were great on the snow. Black coat was necessary and the cashmere and wool hat as well. I love this sporty chic style. I think it looks very cosy, elegant yet simple and perfectly appropriate to wear in the middle of the mountains 🙂


Bag: Gucci backpack (same here)

Jeans: Mango (similar here)

Cashmere sweater: Uniqlo (same here)

Cashmere gilet: NPeal (same here)

Hat with pompom: little independent shop in Prague centre (similar here)

Black coat: Max&co (similar here)

Boots: Lola Cruz (same here)

Brooch: Chanel: (similar here)

Photographer: Kelly Sarno (Digitaldimensions photography, CO)

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