6 tricks to get the best of summer sales

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Summer sales! Two words everyone is overexcited to hear. We were all waiting patiently and now they are here. However, even if you earn good money, your bank account is not in any way limitless, right? So how do you get the best out of sales without breaking your bank account? I am passionate shopper, but I can’t possibly buy everything I like or see. So over the years, I have developed a habit of shopping within certain rules (well most of the times anyway) and today I am sharing my rules with you. It can be very overwhelming to see everyday huge signs “sales” or “up to 50% off”. It is quite natural that we would like to get the best bargain. The problem is, that once we are sucked into the shopping spree, it might be challenging to get out of it. So for this summer sales think of these rules, and you will be just fine.


How to get the best out of summer sales

  1. First rule and the most important. Set up your budget. Keep your finances in check is the most important thing. Never go over your budget. NO shoes, bag or clothes are worth it.
  2. Check you wardrobe, or make a wardrobe detox and make a list of summer things you miss. Is it a dress? Or perhaps shoes? Maybe it is time to finally get the designer bag you wanted for so long? Whatever it is, one or several things, just make a list to avoid buying things you don’t really need. You can be fairly specific without being to rigid. Instead of writing down ” white sandals, with ankle strap and one strap over the toes and 3 inch heel”, you can write “white sandals for evening”.
  3. Don’t get sucked into the summer sales craze. I know, this is quite difficult. The whole point is to get you into the shop with those massive “up to 50% off”. Once you are there, you can very easily feel like whatever you see you “need” because it is a bargain. The problem is, that very often we miss the “up to” part of the “up to 50% off”. Lots of things are actually much less discounted. So pay attention.
  4. Before you hit the shops, look at the websites like Mytheresa, Revolve, Shopbop or others as well. Sometimes you can get better deals there then in shops.
  5. Try to find out when your favourite shop has last day of summer sales. You will definitely get better deals.
  6. Do not compromise! Ever! Just because the shoes are on sales, it doesn’t mean you need to get them. Maybe they are uncomfortable or you don’t have anywhere to wear them.


So these are my simple rules I always try to obey when shopping in sales and now you can too.

Have a chic day and enjoy your shopping in summer sales!




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