Floral bag. The expected “unexpected” trend for spring?

Floral bag. The expected “unexpected” trend for spring?

Floral bag. The expected “unexpected” trend? Every spring this trend never surprise and never fail to appear. Every spring we are like: “oh florals are back”. The thing is, they actually never left. It is every year, over and over again. SO I guess it is quite safe to say, that floral bags were, are and always will be with us. And because of that, I have decided to dedicate this article to this trend and the best handbags the designers have to offer. I am quite girly, but for some reason I can’t wear clothes with floral designs. They look a bit odd, but handbags? Yes please! They agree with me very well.

Anyway. As The spring officially started this week, I wanted to share with you the best handbags that feature flower design. It is always so nice when the start to feel like you don’t need to wear dark colours anymore and change into something more fresh and light. And the bags are more fun as well.

So have a look at these beauties and decide for yourself. Are they worth it? I definitely think so. And as I pointed out above – this trend appears every year. So if you want to buy a bag that lasts few seasons, than here are 2 tips how to succeed.

  • Choose a design that will go well with the rest of your spring and summer wardrobe. Are you wearing a lot of super girly clothes? Than invest into very cute floral bag that will emphasise your style. If you are sporty, go for something more simple and classic. Avoid too much embellishment. You just want to add a bit of fun but still stay true to your style.
  • The size. I don’t know why but for some reason I think that when it comes to floral bag, small size works much better than the larger version. If you choose a big size, you can easily end up looking like you are wearing your garden on your shoulder.
  • Over the top design. You need to ask yourself if you are buying a floral bag just for few months, or for few years. If first is the case, you can easily go over the top with the embellishment or colours (or both). However if you want to invest into something that you can wear many years to come, go for something quite understated, if such think actually exists. You don’t want to get bored, do you? With the over the top design, you can get bored really fast as it will strike you every time you take that floral bag out of its dust bag.


10 best floral bags for this spring:

Valentino Lock Medium Floral Bag (£2,456)

PRADA Galleria Garden mini appliquéd textured-leather tote (£2,100)


Prada Floral bag


Moschino Floral Appliqué Chain Shoulder Bag, Blue (£975)

floral bag moschino


MARNI Satelite floral printed clutch (£300)

Floral bag Marni


MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Flowers bag (£330)

Floral bag Michael Kors



GUCCI Sylvie medium tote (£2,350)

Floral bag Gucci


Salvatore Ferragamo Ginny Medium bag (£1,060)

Floral bag Salvatore Ferragamo


DOLCE & GABBANA Leather-trimmed painted wood clutch (£3,150)

Floral bag Dolce Gabbana


Coach 1941 Dinky 15 Tea Rose Fringe Shoulder Bag (£419)

Floral bag Coach


CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Picnic leather-trimmed embellished linen bucket bag (£995)

Floral bag Charlotte Olympia


So which floral bag is your favourite?







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