Holidays thoughts and how coming back can be enjoyable

Holidays thoughts and how coming back can be enjoyable

So I am back in England. It is great to be home but I am already missing the hot sun rays touching the skin. I don’t know about you, but when I come back from holidays, it is like an enormous pile of things accumulated while I was taking a dip in the pool. Furthermore, you are back in daily routine before a blink of an eye.

But you know what they say – there is no place like home. You can be anywhere in the world and have a wonderful time, but still you come home and are happy to lay in your bed with your favourite bed sheet. The feeling of waking up in the morning and having a coffee from your favourite mug that is staring at you from the kitchen cabinet. And that’s when the reality kick in. There is no time to enjoy your breakfast while sitting on a nice terrace. You better eat that toast fast so you are not late for your first day back at work.

Then at work you open the computer and write your password. Nothing. Oh, maybe I misspelled it and you write it again, making sure you tap each letter correctly. Nothing. Oh noooo! I have forgotten my password. And you end up half of the morning talking to your IT guy who is helping you the unlock the PC. Finally, you can open your emails and see that your inbox is stretching like hot air balloon. There are hundreds of attention seeking messages, begging you to give them priority.

But you know what? There is also something really nice about all this. And here are some of my favourite things when I am back from my holidays.

  1. Being back in my home and lying in my favourite linen bed sheets
  2. Using my favourite mug for the morning coffee.
  3. I am not anymore restricted with the clothes I packed into very limited space of 2 suitcases and I can again freely choose my day bag and shoes
  4. Going back to my gym and continue my routine, that i somehow forgot during the holidays, as I was too busy to relax in the sun.
  5. Sorting out all things accumulated during the holidays, like replying all the emails is somehow very satisfying
  6. Having again a schedule is something I really need. I love all the no-plans-for-today kind of days, but after a while I need a schedule and I need to plan my days.
  7. Last but not least. Coming back from the holidays means, that I can start planning the next one 🙂











Bag: Classic Chanel Flap bag (similar here)

Shoes: Isabel Marant

Jeans: Gucci

Top: Mango

Bomber jacket: Zara

Belt: Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Betty Bhandari


So don’t you worry if you just came back from your holidays and rather enjoy every day and don’t forget to plan your next trip.

lots of love




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