Here are the 6 fall colours to wear this season

Here are the 6 fall colours to wear this season

Every year, when the summer is over, I start to feel like the season of bright colours is over and it makes me a bit sad. And I don’t think I am the only one. Las week I posted about the fall fashion trends 2019 and this week, I want to dive into the fall colours to wear and which you don’t want to miss this season. Every year in fall, when you are walking down the street, you see the sea of black, grey and if you are lucky, a bit of navy blue. Do you agree? Well I am so happy to say that this year, we will be seeing much more of other colours as well. So what are the colour trends 2019 in fashion?


Fall colours to wear this season


Black is back and it looks great with all the other fall colours

Let’s start with the basics. Black is back and in a big time. Black is always more visible on the streets in the fall and winter, but this year it makes again the headlines. I love wearing black, however I must admit, that the older I get, the less I wear it on daily basis. I think, that last few years it was a little bit my go to colour, when I wanted to be invisible or just couldn’t be bothered. But this year, I think I will be wearing it again with pride. My favourite black pieces for my fall and winter wardrobe are good leather jacket, classic wool coat and turtleneck sweater. Of course black boots and bag are two wardrobe essentials no one should ever miss in their wardrobe.


White is not a mere absence of colour

It is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red and as definite as black. I don’t know about you, but the way I see things, there isn’t enough people out there wearing white in the fall. Would you agree? In the sea of grey and black, when you see someone in white, surely that person gets your attention? What I find quite tricky though, is that it is not that easy to buy white outwear or white shoes. It is getting better, but still, you have to look hard.

If you want to make a biggest impact wearing white, go for white outwear, like coats, jackets or boots. I was very happy to get this Zara white wool coat I am wearing on the pictures. It is not lined, but ideal for fall and actually not bad for English winter either. You can make your whole look white, which looks amazing, or you can create monochrome style in combination with black. White and off-white makes also beautiful and fresh combination with beige and its shades. Beige is another fall winter 2019 colour trend, which you can’t miss.

Don’t be beige, wear it instead! 

Beige is atmosphere. It’s the bisque, it’s ivory, it’s cream, it’s toast, it’s stone, it’s cappuccino…well it’s magic. Or so the saying says. Fall can be magical, with all the leaves changing colours and beige fits perfectly to the theme. What I love the most about beige is that there is so many shades, it is basically impossible that you would not be able to find the right shade for your skin colour. Whether you choose warmer tones or the colder ones it will be always easy to wear. Which colours go best with beige? Well for starters, beige goes practically with any colour you can think of. For the fall styling I love it in combination with black or white or both the most.


Lilac is the most surprising of fall colours to wear

Lilac is such a soft colour and one of those you wouldn’t expect to wear during the fall. Would you? Fall colours are usually darker and richer, like burgundy and rich red, whereas lilac is more of spring and summer colour. However I am happy it is here this season. As I mentioned before, I think there is not enough bright or light colours in fall and everyone looks rather gloomy. Also lilac looks amazing in combination with all the three colors above. Black, white and beige.

For the best use, go for the lilac top, ideally sweater or overcoat. If you have some lilac dress from summer, you can transition it into fall with white boots and complement it with white sweater.

Fuschia is rich and powerful

Among the fall colours to wear this year is also fuchsia. It is less surprising than the lilac, however we are perhaps more accustomed to see slightly darker shades. Never the less, fuchsia is a beautiful rich colour which looks absolutely amazing in fall and winter. Be it on the coats, tops or bottoms, you can find lilac everywhere. As well as lilac, it looks amazing in combination with white, beige or black, but you can practically wear it with most of the colours.

Gold is the colour of fall that adds a little bit of attitude

Gold is not as much surprising, as usually with winter and all the festivities coming up, you can spot gold on a lot of evening wear. The only difference is, that this year you will spot it also on shoes and casual clothes.

My favourite are these Chanel heels and these boots. I am not saying I would buy the boots, as I think it is a bit too much of a statement for me, but I love the idea of them. In my closet I have more subtle version of gold ankle boots, which i love wearing on repeat. This gold top I am wearing on the pictures I actually bought many years back and never worn it last year. Somehow I didn’t have the right clothes to wear it with. Now I am wearing it quite frequently.

If you are not quite sure about wearing gold clothes, you can always add a touch of gold with you handbag like this gorgeous piece.


As you can see, fall winter 2019 color trends can be a bit surprising but in the other hand, isn’t that great? Finally we can wear more interesting colours without feeling out of place.

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