Diorever. The new “IT” bag of 2016

Diorever. The new “IT” bag of 2016

Ok so I don’t know how about you, but for me it is usually only after the miserable cold and rainy winter disappears that I feel like the new season starts and it is time to look for new pretty things (bags, purses, handbags – whatever you want to call them) that will take the reign on the handbag shelves this year.


Of course by that time you usually start to notice newbies in the media with Instagram taking the lead. What is interesting is that every year there are many new bags to buy, however only a handful can be called the “It” bags of the year. You can always make your guess as for some reason these bags appear everywhere you look and they start to become the new obsession. The fashion world loves them and if you don’t buy them it’s like you don’t exist. Ok you do still exist, but you just exist without the coolest bag there currently is. And you just keep drooling over those whenever you see them living their well deserved life in the spotlight.

Well this year the bag that got my full attention is the new Diorever bag. Don’t you think it sounds like the combination of Dior and forever – DIOREVER? I know you have already seen it many times. I love the way you can have it closed or open and it creates different looks. Jennifer Lawrence looks absolutely stunning in the campaign and the bag is really making its way to the throne. There are two particular colours that stand out from the crowd – the golden one and the silver one. Which one is better is really up to you, but for me it is like with medals – the gold is the winner. Unfortunately they are sold out  currently (in some shops) but the electric blue will easily substitute.

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celebs diorever


Do you think there are other bags that deserve to be called “it” bags of the year 2016. Let me know which are your candidates.



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