Denim handbags and why you should have one in your wardrobe

Denim handbags and why you should have one in your wardrobe

Denim is like never ending story. Fashion is changing so fast we don’t even have time to blink and and there is some new trend going on and we are constantly anxious to miss out. Well it is a different story with denim. Ever since the Levis jeans became a regular piece of clothing instead of just a working uniform, it never left us again. Ok there are also trends in the type and colour of the denim, maybe also cuts but the bottom line is, denim stick with us like chewing gum on the shoe sole. In a good way though. When it comes to denim, we have seen all. Now also denim handbags are surfacing as well.

And not for the first time. I think denim handbags were always coming back every few years and they look more and more elegant. And clearly denim is not going anywhere anytime soon. So that is why I thought to be a great idea to share with you my best finds this season that are worth your time ( and your money)

I have selected for you 10 best denim handbags you can find and hope you will like them as much as I do.

Prada tote with crystal studs. Great combination of casual and elegant look. Perfect for the day and the long strap makes it easier to wear. (Saks Fifth Avenue $ 1,600)


Jimmy Choo shoulder bag. This one you can get also in regular leather and in many different colours, but I think this denim piece is the best one especially in combination with the golden hardware. (Saks Fifth Avenue $1,450)


Moschino is one of those brands who is not afraid to bring something different. So who said that a handbag can’t look like a top of your jeans? I love this one for the originality. (Neiman Marcus $ 1,250)denim1

Tom Ford never disappoint with the elegance perfection. This Natalie bag is slick, simple and beautiful. (Neiman Marcus $ 2,990)


It is no surprise that Chanel released as well its portion of denim handbags. I love this one because it looks like the old type of slightly yellow-ish denim that was so popular in the 90’s. (via Chanel £ 2,040)


Miu Miu made a great collection of denim handbags this year and I love this one for the combination of silver leather and very classic blue denim. The golden hardware makes it look chic. (via Miu Miu $1,720)


Stella McCartney Falabella is the classic but now we have this Mini Bella in denim. Also this is the only black denim I found so if you are not into blue denim, this one can be your choice. It is quite small and you can also wear it as cross body. (Bergdorf Goodman $ 1,100)


Valentino Rockstuds keeps getting attention wherever you look. This shoulder bag with embroidered butterflies is fun and that is what we also want from denim. So great combination, don’t you think?


Fendi and the Peekaboo bag is a hit for some time now, but a denim version is something new. Like with the Valentino piece above, the embroidery is fun, but I particularly love the combination of the colours. Ok I admit I would expect this to be more spring-ish bag, but hey, there is always spring somewhere in the world.


Finally my last piece is from Alexander McQueen. It is the only clutch in this lot and it looks like a piece of art. It also feature embroidered flowers, but the colours are rich so will look great this fall with no doubt.


So which is you favourite? Let me know


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