Finally the complete guide for absolutely stress free luxury holidays.

Stress free luxury holidays

Where are you going for your holidays this summer? Have you already booked your villa or hotel? How often are you thinking that this year will be the year that you will have absolutely no stress prior and during the holidays. You are supposed to enjoy yourself and not be stressed about anything. Surely you have plenty of that during the year. Well, what if I give you tips on how to enjoy stress free luxury holidays? Yes, I put together complete guide for the relaxing holidays.

Sometimes we just forget how to relax and I am here to remind you. Now I promise, if you follow these tips, you will enjoy the stress-free holidays you deserve.

Tips that will not cost you nothing

  1. First and the easiest tip unless you are going somewhere where you have been already and know the place. There is nothing more stressful than to arrive to your destination and you have to spend half a day on orientation. Make sure you have a list of restaurants you want to go to, places you want to visit, and where your villa or hotel is located.
  2. Plan your days in advance. I don’t mean to do “Monday 8:30 waking up and having breakfast” type of planning. I am talking about making general plans. Say you go for 2 weeks. How often you want to have a dinner in a beautiful restaurant? Every day or 3 times a week? If you can, make the reservations in the restaurants as well in advance. That is how you will not need to worry about anything once you arrive. Do you want to have some trips during the day? Plan where you want to go and how you can get there.
  3. Plan your wardrobe. Not the night before you travel, but few weeks ahead. Make a list of things you don’t want to forget. Plan your outfits. You know more less what are you going to be doing (planning is key, remember?) so it should be quite easy to put together great outfits.
  4. Prep your skin. This is not a beauty post, however I couldn’t help myself but mentioning this. Prepare your skin for excess of sun. There is nothing more annoying than when you arrive and you get burnt the first day (goodbye the gorgeous strapless dress you just bought). There are lots of different products, from body lotions to vitamin supplements. Just make your pick.

    Malaga villa with a view, stress free luxury holidays


Extra tips for extra cost for your stress free luxury holidays

There are things that you can do to make your holidays extra relaxing, it will cost you a bit but they are worth it.

  1. Now if you want to have really stress-free holidays and especially travels, send your luggage few days in advance. There are many companies who specialises in this. I personally love using First Luggage which I have been using for years and I was always very happy with their service. Recently I also tried Send My Bag company and got overall good service (they are cheaper than First Luggage, but don’t operate worldwide). The only thing you need to do is a bit of paperwork in advance, but the luxury of travelling just with your handbag or at the most hand luggage is really worth it.
  2. You can get a taxi from the airport, but have you thought about ordering a private driver to pick you up? There are loads of companies that will be able to help you in your destination. Imagine, that you arrive to place, no stress if your luggage will appear on the luggage belt (you already have that waiting for you in the hotel) and a driver is waiting for you with a sign of your name. NO queues for the taxi. No confusions about where you want to go because you don’t speak the language and NO stress whatsoever.
  3. If you are renting a villa, that will means that somebody will need to cook. That means, you need to go to the supermarket to buy some food. That means you might need to rent a car. Or you just simply hire a chef (unless the villa has the chef included). Again, there are loads of companies that can help you to find the right person. You can either fly one with you from UK (in that case have a look at ) or you can make a little research in the country of your destination. The chef will not only cook for you, but also do all the food shopping, serving and washing up.
  4. Car hire. Unless you are willing to be dependent on a taxi, you can hire a car. You will get more freedom of movement and that is worth it, isn’t it?

Stress free luxury holidays

stress free holidays

Now, just imagine this: You arrive to your hotel or rented villa (having just a handbag), taken there by your driver. Your luggage is waiting for you already inside as well as the chef with freshly squeezed orange juice and some canapes. You open the suitcase and you know exactly what outfit to wear for the restaurant you have already booked for the evening. And even your skin will look gorgeous as you have prepared it weeks in advance. Does it sound good? I certainly think so. Cheers to stress free luxury holidays.

Villa with a view Spain, stress free luxury holidays


So what do you think? Do you think that this year will be the year of stress free luxury holidays? Just take your hat, passport, camera and a favourite magazine and you are ready to go.


stress free luxury holidays


Whatever you do, just enjoy yourself. You deserve it ?







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