Coach stepped up their game with made to order Rogue handbag

Coach Rogue

The other day I went to the Coach House on Regent street in London and absolutely loved it. I wanted to explore what is new in the handbags department and quite unexpectedly I found myself sitting with Alessandro, the brand’s made to order specialist. It was quite an amazing experience as I was introduced to the fairly new (launched in November 2016) Rogue handbag. And now you can have this bag made to order! So ladies if you are bored of the handbags that everybody has, rush to Coach and create your own design from scratch!


Now let me explain you how it works. First, you need to know that there are only two places in the world offering this service. One is in London (Regent street) and the second in New York (5th Avenue flagship store). So that means you have to be physically in the shop in order to create your bag. I know, this can be a little bit tricky for those living far away. However if you are already doing this, get the whole experience of creating something only you will have.

Next step is to sit with an made to order expert and start creating your version of a perfect handbag. First you choose the size. There are three sizes, Rogue small 25, Rogue regular size, Rogue large 36 . Next, you can literally choose from more than 1 million (yes you read right) different combinations! That makes it basically impossible to create exactly the same like someone else. The handles can be also made from crocodile or python skin (but so far not available for the whole bag).

That is all nice, but how long does it take and how much does it cost? So now you can brace yourself, because the bags (including full customisation) start below £800 (£795 to be exact) for the smallest version, all in regular leather. The most expensive would cost you £2900 provided you have used crocodile or python skin for handles and you have chosen the largest version in size. The timing is very reasonable as well. 6 weeks for a model from regular leather and 8-10 weeks is you choose precious skins.

Once you have all that sorted, you can just go home and wait for the call. When you go to pick up your new treasure,you can get the last touch of adding your initials while sipping a glass of champagne.



So still thinking that everyone is wearing the same bag and you want to be different? Then don’t waste your time and make sure you will turn heads with your unique made-to-order Rogue handbag.


have a wonderful day 🙂

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