Planning a long weekend? Here is your city break packing list for spring.

Spring city break packing list

Shop the above: 1. Trench coat 2. Pink bag 3. Blue sweater 4. White shirt 5. Biker jacket 6. Pink trainers 7.  Black jeans 8. Pink sweater 9. White trainers 10. Blue jeans 11. Black handbag

Who doesn’t love city breaks? It is the most efficient way how to see a new place. If you love it, then great, you can go back anytime and spend even more time. if you don’t love it, then, well you are there just for few days. City breaks are charming and I love when we (my husband and I) walk everywhere. However sometimes it can be a struggle to pack. You know how it goes. You want to be comfortable, as you might walk everywhere, but you want to look chic and elegant as well. So now that the spring is coming, here is your city break packing list for you to print out – City break packing list

Ultimate city break packing list for spring

When it comes to packing, I can’t go with a hand luggage anymore. I used to, when I was working in the office. It was simple. Just few shirts and a suit, one pair of shoes and that was it. Now I take check-in luggage every time. And I don’t mind. This time I was packing for going to Madrid. Spring in Madrid can be warm and sunny but also you can experience a bit of rain and lower temperatures in the morning.

Spring city break packing list

What to pack for city break in springTake a jacket or coat that can be worn all day long including evening

Trench coat are great as they fit with most day outfits. You can go for the classic beige or even try a different colour, like navy blue.  Leather jacket is another one that you can wear day and night and will look great. For my trip to Madrid I packed some leather jacket and classic beige trench coat.


Plan your tops according to your plans and number of days

Sweaters. When I am going to a city break, I assume I will be walking a lot so I like to have at least 2 sweaters. One warmer, which can be worn under the trench coat and one lighter for the leather jacket. Again, I like when they go with all the bottoms and coats so that I can combine them according to my mood on the day.

Tops. To make things simple, take one shirt per day plus two or three “day to night” tops and one purely evening top that would fit well with the pants.

You can never go wrong with few pairs of jeans

Bottoms. At least 2 pairs of trousers. Jeans will be great for the day, so pack at least 2 pairs, one blue and one black or white. Blue one will be always perfect for the day. But the black or white you can also use in the evening, should you go to an informal place to eat. You can also add one pair of paper-bag waist trousers to look a bit more elegant during the day and evening.


Check your dinner reservation to plan your evening outfits

Dresses. Take at least 2 dresses you can wear in the evening for the dinner. If you are staying more than two nights, you can always the paper bag trousers and a top for another dinner.



Shoes and bags can make or break an outfit

Shoes. If you are like me, shoes obsessed, don’t worry about choosing just one pair for a day and one for the evening. Shoes (as well as bags) make the outfit. As you will probably walk quite a lot during the day, take at least two pairs of comfy shoes. Ideally one pair of chunky trainers and one pair of ankle boots. If you know that the weather allows, take also one pair of slingbacks to look a bit more elegant. Slingbacks are also great as day to night shoes. For the evening, take min one pair of heels that will look great with all dresses and trousers. You can’t go wrong with black or beige pumps. That would be the my minimum, but if you have more space in the suitcase, by all means take as many pairs of shoes as you feel like.

Now bags. Bags can be a chapter by itself. I love wearing different bags every day so I don’t worry about taking one too many bags for my trips. however if you want to be practical, take one bigger bag that you can use for the plane journey as well and you can fit there more things, like bottle of water. Make sure that this bag will also look great with all your day outfits, so neutral classic looks are the best. Take another bag for the evening, smaller and more elegant that will fir well with your evening shoes and outfits.


Don’t forget the accessories

Accessories. Last but not least in your spring city break packing list will be accessories. Taking one scars is a great idea, as it will warm you up during the chilly mornings. Don’t forget At least one pair of sunglasses. Sometimes weather forecast changes so you never know when you can need them and they don’t take much space in the suitcase. In terms of jewellery, take one evening piece, like great pair of earrings or necklace. If you love wearing a lot of jewellery, take all you want, as also they don’t take much space either.


Some practical advice for your spring city break packing list

  1. Choose clothes which will be easy to combine between themselves. In case you don’t feel like putting on specific top, you know you have a different one that will be good.
  2. Check the weather in your destination for every single day. Not only temperatures but also wind or rain. That will help you to assume if you need umbrella or if you can get away with suede shoes. You don’t want to arrive in your gorgeous suede shoes into rainy place.
  3. Make your dinner reservations well in advance. For one, you won’t need to think about it when you are there and rather enjoy the day and two, if you like good restaurants, they are usually booked. Last but not least, it will inform you about what dresses of outfits to pack for evenings.
  4. Don’t stress about packing into hand luggage even if you go just for 3 days. Why you should make a compromise about your style just because you are travelling?
  5. To make it easy for you, I have included your city break packing list for you to print out.



Print your city break packing list by clicking here ⇒ City break packing list

Complete packing list for spring



What to pack for your city break in spring




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