Best Christmas gifts for your best friend

Best Christmas gifts for your best friend

Eye shadows, Candle, Face roller, Fragrance diffuser, Hair bow, Headband, Lip gloss, Face oil, Sleep mask

I can’t believe that the year has passed and we are here again in December thinking about Christmas. When it come to Christmas, I am in my zone. It is my favourite part of the year. the decorations, celebrations and also buying Christmas presents. Fro me, buying Christmas presents is something very enjoyable and I always try to put a a lot of thought into every single gift. So here are amazing Christmas gifts for your best friend. I love buying little gifts for my closest friends and just to see their faces when their really like it, makes me happy. As I believe that every girl has a few amazing girlfriends, here is a list that might help you on the way.

“Every girl likes to get beauty product or accessory”

There are two groups for presents I believe girls like to get from their friends. beauty products and accessories. But first of all, here are few tips to get get it right:

  1. The most important is to keep your budget in check. Christmas presents shouldn’t be about how much you spend on your friend, but how well you know them.
  2. Think about the person you are buying for. What I notice over the years is that people tend to buy things they would like for themselves, rather then thinking about what the person actually like. I will come back to that one later on.
  3. Pay attention to packaging as well. Not only how the product looks like, but also how well you wrap it. Well chosen wrapping paper with nice bow goes a long way and a perfect ribbon like this one puts a smile on everyone’s face.


Best beauty products to buy as a Christmas gift:

When it comes to beauty gifts, it is always better to be safe then sorry. Beauty products are not easy to return or exchange and if you get it wrong, then you wasted your money and show your friend you don’t really know them as much as you thought. So, here are my key tips to get it right every time (not only at Christmas).

  • If you are buying something in colour (lipstick, eyeshadows etc) always make sure you are either getting something they are already using, or that you know for sure it will suits their complexion AND they will likely to wear it. Avoid buying for example a bright coloured lipstick, just because you would like them to wear it. If they don’t wear it already, DO NOT BUY IT!


  • Skin care is a great Christmas gift for best friend, but make sure you are buying that according to THEIR skin type (not yours) and THEIR age (not yours) and THEIR skin issues (not yours). The same applies for other things like scrubs or masks as well.


  • If you are not sure which beauty product to choose, choose something neutral, like natural lip gloss, or neutral colour palette of eye shadows.


  • Buying gift sets can be a good option only if you are making sure that all the products in the set are real sizes and not just tiny samples, as it can look slightly thoughtless. if you have a gift set where al the products have decent size and good utility for your friend, then by all means, go for it.


Make up

When it comes to make up, it is nice to combine two things, like nail polish and lip gloss. Or even set of lip glosses. Just make sure they are all in colours your friend would wear.


Skin care

Scrubs, masks or serums are great Christmas presents. Also they look bigger then lip gloss and there are lots of brands which have very beautiful packaging as well.


Beauty devices

There are few beauty devices that every woman can use, so it can make a nice thoughtful gift.



Best accessories as Christmas gift: 

Accessories are perhaps a bit easier to buy as there such a huge selection and it is more about the type of the product then exact colour or size. Here I have just one advice.

Make sure it is an accessory your best friend likes. It can be tricky because we don’t like buying things we don’t particularly like. But remember YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT HERE. Your friend is. Few times I was buying a different friends candles (one of my favourite things to shop for at Christmas) and I knew very well they like the brand I don’t like at all. I bought it though, because I knew it is their favourite one. So just think about the person you are shopping for.


With accessories you can be as creative as you budget allows. You can choose hair accessories, key rings or even card holders. If you know that your friend is wearing a lot of headbands, or pins etc, it is a very nice and personal present. It shows how well you know them. Card holder is another great Christmas present. Especially now that the evening handbags can be so tiny, you can’t really squeeze your normal wallet into the purse. Also they can be very cute and most women appreciate them.



When it comes to Christmas gifts for your best friend, jewellery is very personal. However you have good chances to get this right quite easily. Also show me a woman who doesn’t like jewellery. There are so many brands right now for every budget and countless of styles that makes everything much easier.


Candles or home fragrance

I love shopping for candles. Also most women like to get a nice candles as a gift. It is one of those things, you very seldom buy for yourself but always happy if someone gets it for you.




Merry Christmas





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