Chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing – Part 2

Chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing part two

So here is the travel guide to Prague sightseeing part 2. In this part I will share with you tips for what to do and see during your third day in Prague. But apart of that, I will give you some practical tips. They might be useful when planning your trip and also when you are already in Prague and you just want to get some extra help. So without a further do, here is my third day of Prague sightseeing.

Chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing DAY 3

If you were following my first part of this guide, you know that by now you saw and did most of the important things. However, there are still things to explore. You can start your walk at the top of the Wenceslas square, which is one of the biggest squares in Europe. Lot of people would compare it with Parisian Champ Elysees. At the very top, you can visit National Museum which is part of the national heritage. Then you can walk down the square and turn toward National Theatre, which is a flagship of the National Theatre institution. Even if you don’t have time to see a performance, it is worth to see the building’s grandness. If you want, you can also book a building tour.National Theatre Prague Czech Republic

From National Museum, you can cross the river. But before you do that, spend few minutes enjoying the most most iconic view of Prague and its Prague Castle. That is the view I personally never get tired of. Once you cross the river, you can take steps down to Kampa park. It is very pretty park out the sight of all the tourist groups. There is also a very famous Lennon wall. It is wall dedicated to John Lennon and it is covered with graffiti. Beatles fans from all over the world come here to see that and maybe even add a little of their art.Prague sightseeing Lennon Wall

If you are in Prague during warm months, you can enjoy amazing lunch in one of the restaurants in the park. Kampa Park restaurant is famous for its gorgeous terrace and views. If you don’t care about either, sitting inside is also fine. There is another restaurant with terrace worth visiting as well, Hergertova Cihelna. Both restaurants are also great for fancy dinner and the prices are according to that. If you want something less fancy but still very good, you can cross one of the bridges again and get to Marina restaurant. Marina restaurant is on the boat and if you ask for the table by the window, you will have a fabulous view of the Prague Castle as well. The food is fairly simple, but good and the service is great.Marina restaurant in Prague

You last day afternoon I would recommend you to stroll around the old streets without any plan. You can’t really get lost, as I said many times, Prague is not a big city. What I really like to do on these kind of walks is to pay attention to the architecture of the buildings. I feel like we have no time to look up, as we are too busy to look for another touristic place. Do you agree with that? That is also the reason I wan to make these city guides more about life in the place, rather then pack your agenda with 8 hours walking tours.

Dos and don’ts tips for Prague

Best hotels in Prague

Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and Augustine hotel are the best hotels in Prague, with very central locations. From these you can walk to pretty much any touristic location. Mandarin has a gorgeous backyard terrace, whereas Four Seasons has a terrace with a view to a Prague Castle and Augustine has amazing and generous rooms with art deco  interiors. The other good ones are Alchymist Prague Castle Suits or The Grand Mark hotel. If you don’t wan to spend that much for hotels, there is a one hotel also right in the centre, Andels hotel. It is not a luxury hotel, rather a business hotel, but the location is great.

Best restaurants in Prague

Czech food can be delicious, just be vary where you go. Places just next to all touristic can be very expensive as they are designed for tourists. However these restaurants are great. Aromi and La Finestra are both Italian and the food and service is amazing. With Kogo Slovansky Dum and Kogo Haveslka these are my four absolutely restaurants in Prague. Kampa Park restaurant and Hergetova Cihelna have amazing terraces in warm months and La Degustation has a Michelin star and serves Czech food.

Dos and don’ts in Prague

Gucci at Parizska street Prague

Best shopping street is Parizska street with few side streets. You can find most of the high end brands. If you want more budget friendly options, the best is to explore shopping malls. There are plenty of them in Prague.

If you want to buy something traditionally Czech, go for a crystal. Czech crystal is very beautiful and famous around the whole world. The best brand is Bohemia Crystal.

Best time to visit Prague is spring or early autumn. During summer, it can get quite hot and there are just too many tourists everywhere. Christmas markets in Prague are gorgeous, but super busy and can be very cold. So the best months are March till beginning June and then September and October.

If you want to enjoy all the touristic places, go early mornings and spend afternoons just relaxing or shopping or whatever you like to do. Sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular to watch from the Charles bridge.

3 days or long weekend should be enough. By then you will know Prague moderately well (there are always new things to see and explore for next time).



You can get around easily by walking or taking public transport (you need to have tickets in advance). Also Uber works well there. Unless you call a taxi, try to avoid taking taxi on the street, as they are not reliable in terms of the price (unfortunately they have a reputation to rip off tourists).

There are cobblestones everywhere you go, so avoid to wear heels. If you can’t live without heels, wear a block heels. If you wear heels in the evening, definitely take a taxi otherwise you might destroy them.Prague Castle view Prague sightseeing


So hopefully my guides to Prague sightseeing part one and two gives you the holistic overview you are looking for. However, if there is something else you want to know, do not hesitate to contact me

Have a chic day










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