Chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing – Part 1

Chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing part one

Prague is very small, at least when it comes to the historical centre, however I wasn’t able to create just one post. There is just so much I want to share. So here is my chic guide to Prague sightseeing for three days, part one. Part two will be a bit shorter and is coming in few days.

For those of you who don’t know, Prague is my home city. It is where I was born and grew up. So I am a little bit bias when I say I love Prague and I think it really is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But I have a case here. The history is incredible, and you can feel it from every building you pass and every cobble you step on. Streets of Prague have seen a lot and there are even some parts which look like the time has stopped and which looked exactly the same hundreds of years ago. I even appreciate it more now, when I don’t live there for the past 12 years.Streets of Prague Prague architecture


Chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing DAY 1

Use your first day as your longest and most comprehensive Prague sightseeing. It is also my favourite walk, during which you can see the most important bits while enjoying the long walk. Prague is tiny, so you can walk everywhere easily or use public transport. Believe me, I am not a public transport person. In fact I can’t even remember when I went to public transport in other parts of the world, except Prague. Public transport is really well integrated, clean, fast and safe. The best is to use metro (underground) or the tram (train above the ground). However, here is my favourite walk to see all the must see things.Zamecke schody Prague sightseeing walk to Prague castle View from Prague Castle

Start at Malostranske namesti (Malostranske square) and take Zamecke schody (Castle steps) up to the castle. Try to go early morning, as due to security, everyone has to go through a metal detector and show bags like at the airport. If you go later in the morning, you might have to wait in the queue (weekends are the worst). Prague Castle is the most iconic place in Prague and a president’s office. Also we got our wedding reception there in one of the palaces, so it has a special place in my heart.

Prague Castle streets

Statues at Prague Castle entrance

In the middle of it, there is a gorgeous Gothic St Vitus Church, which awes you by its construction complexity. When you walk through the grounds of a castle, you can then turn into the very picturesque Neruda street. It got its name after very famous Czech writer and is full of little souvenir shops and galleries (just be aware that all the shops, including restaurants around historic centre are massively overpriced).St Vitus Church at Prague Castle view from the back St Vitus Church at Prague Castle Entrance gate to Prague CastleRed roofs view from Prague Castle

From this street you can walk down to the river and cross over the famous Charles bridge (first opened in the beginning of 15th century). There are several legends around this bridge, one saying that they used eggs to build it. Another one, perhaps more interesting is, that on one statue (on the left side when you have the Prague caste behind your back), there is a golden place to touch and make a wish.View at the St Nicholas Church in Prague Old Town View from the tower at Charles bridge in Prague Charles Bridge view in Prague Make a wish at Charles Bridge Prague

When you cross the bridge, turn left and after about 10 min you will get to the most famous and most expensive shopping street in Prague. Something like an equivalent of Bond Street in London or Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Here and in few side streets, you can find all the big high-end brands. By taking this street, you will get to Old Town Square with the famous Astronomical clock. Every full hour there are 12 apostles’ figures rotating. As you can imagine, this is quite unique, so you can expect crowds here every day at most hours. (again, best to come early morning). If you wish, you can also hire a historic car and have a romantic ride around the centre.Dior shop in Prague Parizska street

This is the end of your longest walk and it will take you around 2-3 hours, depend on how fast you walk and how many pictures you are taking. The reason I like to do this walk in one go, is that it is like a loop with all the important bits that perfectly represents the beauty of Prague.Old Town Square in Prague Old Astronomical clock at Old Town Square Prague Prague sightseeing in historical cars

After that, you might like to have a lunch. There are so many restaurants around, but honestly, be quite careful where you go. Lot of them are designed for tourists where the food is not great and prices way too high. There are several restaurants, however I would recommend you to try, both for lunch or dinner. My absolute favourite is Kogo. Ideal for informal lunch as well as fun dinner with wine. There are two of them in the centre of Prague and both you can’t go wrong with either.

In the afternoon, you can stop by at a trendy coffee place Café Café for a nice cake and cup of coffee. You can later enjoy dinner at La Finestra, one of my favourite restaurant with amazing steaks (2 min walk from Four Seasons hotel). The atmosphere is fun and the food and service fabulous.

Chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing DAY 2

Prague Castle view from Petrin hill

By now, you have seen the most important places. So why don’t you enjoy a day of exploring hidden streets, which there are many. If the weather is nice, I would recommend you to go to Petrin, which is a park on the hill next to Prague Castle. The views are spectacular, and you will see Prague like on the palm of your hand. You can spend as much or as little time you want. It is also a favourite place in the summer for people to have picnic.

Prague is also famous for its theatre and classical music concerts. Did you know, that the premier of Don Giovanni was in the theatre Stavovske Divadlo in the end of 18th century with Mozart being present? Not only Mozart is connected to Prague. Prague was one a hub for many famous composers, like Antonin Dvorak, Gustav Mahler or Johann Sebastian Bach. Therefore is a perfect place to listen to a classical music, if that is your sort of things. Prague theatres and classical music concerts are quite famous and if you book well in advance, you will always be able to find some program that interests you.

For the dinner, you can book an Italian restaurant Aromi, whose owner, Ricardo, is the same as the one above, La Finestra. This restaurant is a bit outside from the historic centre, but would take you about 10 min by taxi. The food is also delicious, and it is more formal of the two places. Make sure you have a reservation in advance though.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with information. So I will finish here today and in couple of days you will be able to enjoy the second part of the chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing in 3 days. I will be sharing tips for what to do on your DAY 3 as well as practical information you might like to know in advance.

However, do let me know, if you want to know more about Prague sightseeing. I will be happy to provide you with more information.

have a chic day





Chic travel guide to Prague sightseeing part one


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