Chanel Gabrielle bag. The launch of a handbag dedicated to Coco Chanel herself

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Coco Chanel:

Who wouldn’t know the name? Iconic fashion queen and founder of what is now one of the most desirable brands in the world. This year the fashion house released a brand-new handbag design dedicated to this incredibly strong woman herself. The name of the bag takes after Coco’s given name Gabrielle and the range is already available in shops. Chanel Gabrielle bag is the completely new design that we have seen last time when Chanel Boy bag was released in 2011.

Chanel Gabrielle bag:

This amazing new bag was launched in several different variations like hobo bags, backpack, bucket bag or shopping bag, all with different sizes. They are created with practicality in mind. You can wear those however you like. Cross body, on the shoulder or in your hand. And have you seen the campaign already? The campaign is as amazing as the handbag itself. It is featuring very strong personalities like Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne, Caroline de Magret or Pharrell Williams. In fact, Pharrell is the first man ever to appear in the Chanel handbag campaign.

The bag was first seen obviously at the fashion shows, but finally they are now available in Chanel shops (in case you are wandering). However here you can see the selection of the best ones. Most of them are also available in different colours. The other colours mainly include white, dark blue, beige or black.

Alligator hobo bag, also in plain black leather

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Small golden hobo bag, also available in 10 other colours (£ 2650 for colour, £ 2780 for metallic ones)

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Medium hobo bag in silver, also available in 11 other colours (£ 3020 for the colour, £ 3160 for the metallic)

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Small hobo bag, available in 11 additional colours (£ 2650 for colour, £2780 for metallic)

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Medium hobo bag, available in 11 other colours (£ 3020 for colour, £ 3160 for metallic)

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Large two tone hobo bag, available in 8 other colours (£ 3290 for colours, £3420 for metallic – bronze, silver, gold)

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Large two tone bucket bag (£ 3070) also available in combination beige-black, white-black and black-black

Chanel Gabrielle bag

White backpack (£ 2440)

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Large shopping bag, also available in 3 other colours – beige, black and blue (£ 3380)

Chanel Gabrielle bag

Small bucket bag with python skin (£ 3560) also available in 5 other colours (£ 2840)

We have high hopes for this new Chanel Gabrielle bag. And what do you think? Will this bag create the new craze and take over the crown from the Chanel Boy bag?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow and have a lovely day 🙂





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