Bottega Veneta celebrates 50 years anniversary

Bottega Veneta celebrates 50 years anniversary

Italian craftsmanship is famous all around the world, and the fashion houses have thrived on this fact for decades. Of course, they very much deserve the level of respect they get. Their eye for a detail, precision in cuts, and delicate use of the softest leather doesn’t leave anyone doubting they deserve to be on the spotlight. When their anniversaries pop up, the world waits to see just what will come next.

This year, one very important anniversary has arrived. Bottega Veneta is celebrating 50 years of incredible success. On the top of that, it is 15 years since Tomas Maier started as its creative director.

Bottega Veneta handbags were always known not only for their buttery soft leather. Their signature intreccio design and no logo creates and understated looks a sophisticated woman would look for . While many might guess soft leather like that would be easily damaged or show its age, just the opposite is true. If you are kind to your Bottega Veneta bag, the leather holds that soft shape and appearance for years to come.

To help mark their anniversary this beautiful Italian brand will be holding the spring 2017 fashion show as usual in September in Milan but it will be the first time they will present men’s and women’s collection together.

We can already see the pre-fall collections coming slowly to the shops, and they’re are as soft as ever. Here is a selection of my faves. If you want to help celebrate, then put on your shoes and go treat yourself.

My favourite shoulder bags are the Olimpia bags, particularly the velvet ones. Velvet is definitely the material of the season and Bottega Veneta is not the only one to use it. The price varies depending on the size and material used. The cheapest you can get from around £ 1055 but if you want exotic skin you will looking at a price tag up to almost £ 3000.





If you like top handle bags, you will have a great variety to choose from. Different designs, cuts, materials a sizes will definitely satisfy your top handles cravings.




Bucket bags. Very trendy for last few years and these two designs are great if want something with a little bit of an edge.



Bottega Veneta is quite famous for its very typical and recognisable clutch designs, but this year you can also go for some more simple cuts. Simple cut, however, doesn’t mean simple design in Bottega Veneta language. You can find colourful pieces like the ones just below these lines. One with diagonal stripes of 5 alternating colours and one embroidered with velvet mini flowers.



Recognisable and all time classics that make regular appearances on the red carpet all around the world.  BV11



In case you crave something more exotic, you can choose from a variety of different handbags types, sizes and colours. From just a little bit of a exotic skin like these top handles below, to all exotic skin bag like the Olimpia bags, to a striking combination of precious materials, textures and colours as shown on the shoulder bags on the bottom of this page which are also my current favourites.





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