How to strengthen your nails naturally

How to strengthen your nails naturally

How to strengthen your nails naturally? So this is a post I never thought I would write. When I was a teenager, I had those perfect, envy worthy nails. Strong, thick and with long nail bed. Time passed and I suddenly started to have these weak, thin and brittle nails. It was so bad I couldn’t even wear colourful nail polish as the chance were, by the end of the day, the nail would break or split and with it also the nail polish. So I started to wear mainly nude or natural pink nail polish. At some point, I thought, it is normal for this to happen after the pregnancies. So I was patient, but even after my second born was 4 years old, my nails would still split. I was desperate, I drank a lot of water, eat vitamins, but nothing seemed to work.

Say “NO” to gel nails

A lot of my friends are wearing now the fashionable gel nails. I was never fan of those. I think they just damage your nails a bit too much. However the truth is, I envied them a little. Their hands and nails always look so picture perfect. I almost gave up and made myself an appointment with a nail salon to apply the gel. It was particularly cold rainy day and I felt a bit down. Then I thought I would make one last attempt to save my nails.

How did I strengthen my nails naturally

My decision was very simple. I would completely stop using nail polish for at least a month and will see what will happen. Well, let me tell you this. A lot happened. First few of weeks without a nail polish was dreadful. My nails were constantly very uncomfortably dry and ugly, splitting and breaking a lot. I was using only one product, which was this Nails Inc treatment,  is infused with argan and almond oil to nourish your nails directly. You should apply it twice daily, but my nails were so dry I had to use it more often. I must say there were moments I thought I would give up.

It takes time to see changes

Then suddenly after about 3 weeks, I noticed, that the horrible dryness disappeared. It started to feel more comfortable but the nails were still very thin and breaking a lot. This, however, gave me new motivation and hope to continue. And I was right to do so. After two and half months, my nails never looked better. My strong and thick nails are back and I can’t be happier about it. I am still using the Nails Inc super food repair oil and I still go long time without a nail polish. Now I know that my nails simply need the time off the nail polish.

What else to do strengthen your nails naturally

There are of course other things you should be doing on regular basis and commit to those long term. One of the most important thing for healthy nails is to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water everyday. However, try to limit the exposure of your hands to water. For example, if you wash dishes, use gloves. Constant exposure to water make your nails weak and brittle. Taking supplements like this Perfectil vitamins complex  helps a lot as well, but nothing is better then a healthy, balanced diet. And of course, as I just said, take regular breaks from nail polish.

Hope this will help you on your journey to strong and thick nails and if you have other tips, please share below in a comment!


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